One Tree Up, One Tree Down

My Christmas tree… was up the day after I got back from vacation.  With the tree up, mantel done, poinsettas etc., it’s so pretty at night with the lights on. That room has a real calming affect for me.  I love just sitting in there and reading.


The neighbours across the street, that lost one of their trees in the last windstorm, decided to have one of the other trees taken down.   It’s kind of sad because they were nice, big trees but I so understand why they’d have it taken down…..big trees like that are very scary during those storms and would definitely do a lot of damage to their house if it came down.  We did the same thing quite a few years ago with the big one at the side of our house.  I’ll miss the woodpeckers that lived in those trees but for now, while the leaves are off the other trees, I’ve gained more of a mountain view.

The estate account is closed.  DONE, FINAL.

Christmas shopping is done-ish.  Have a couple of things that I’m taking back….a change of mind…..found something better after I’d already bought it!

I have Christmas concerts today and tomorrow, which I so much fun.  My grandson has the “starring” role in his.

Dinner out again tonight with one of the other “retirees” and another friend.

Yesterday was a stay at home day, which I really enjoyed.  The alarm company had to come out and fix the new remotes sensors that they installed back in November……because the magnets came loose (???).  It was a good excuse to stay in and get more bits and pieces done around here.

My life is sooooo NOT exciting these days.  I’m not sure exactly what I expect it to be like……or maybe it’s just my idea of excitement……just what should THAT be?   I’m sort of content but……

More vacation pics

Entering the first lock of the Three Gorges Dam……and our lock companions.  We went through 4 locks.

Scenic cruising through the gorge…..very magical/mystical with the grey, misty weather.





2 thoughts on “One Tree Up, One Tree Down

  1. Nice tree and peaceful room, Linda.

    You said the Estate is done and finalized? Did you already get a Clearance Certificate from Revenue Canada? How in the world did you manage to get it done so quickly????

    • Thanks Bonny! I really love that room at this time of year. No, I haven’t received the clearance cert yet. I hadn’t applied for it until after I got Ken’s final income tax done and a “Rights and Things” return, which was finally processed at the end of November! CRA said it could take up to 6 months after that for the clearance cert and I know there are no other estate monies coming so we (the bank and I) felt it safe to go ahead and close the account. There wasn’t a heck of a lot in there so worst case scenario would be that they request an audit and I can account for every dime…it all went in, nothing came out until it was closed. I wouldn’t have done it if we’d had to go through probate etc. I remember having to wait almost a year when my Mom passed away to finally close her estate account. My fingers are crossed that they won’t worry about it.

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