Off To Work!

At least sort of……they need some information about something I used to to do so they invited me to the monthly department meeting.  It’s kind of an info session and “lunch and learn”, except with coffee and cookies instead of lunch, thing that they do each month.  It’ a good thing because everyone gets a bit of an overview of each area and just how their area, and what they do, has or can have an impact on a different part of the department.

I’m the “guest speaker” sort of at the meeting today.  It will be fun to see everyone again and to meet some of the new people that have come along since I left.  Then I’ve been invited out to lunch the with other “senior” people (hmmmm…..that can be taken a couple of different ways…..).

I think one the most exciting things will be parking in the visitor parking and having to go to the reception desk and sign in like visitors and guest have to do!   I’m pretty sure the best part though will be going home at the end of the afternoon and knowing that I don’t have to go back tomorrow!

Sometimes I do think working a day or two a week wouldn’t be a bad thing.  It would keep some sort of routine in your life…..not that I haven’t sort of got one now…..but at a work one tends to have a little more structure to it.  But what would I want to do?  Nothing that involves stress or bringing work “baggage” home with you at the end of the day.  There is a local garden centre and I know someone who works there….hmmm.

I did get the estate account all finalized yesterday.  Our gal at the bank was so good.  She had everything in order and ready to go, only a couple of things to sign and that was it!  We chatted about our cats, how Christmas has changed and the local crazy real estate market.   I had some tears well up a couple of times.  This is really the last of all the legal type work, no more papers to sign, no more money sitting in limbo, nada.  One thing I do still need to do is have the hydro, gas and cable changed into my name.  I’m pretty sure they don’t really care as long as the bills get paid but I should get it done.  I did received a small rebate cheque earlier this year from hydro, because I was so eco-efficient (????) and it came in his name.  No problem seen it was just a little amount and if worse came to worse I can just deposit any cheques through the ATM!

Today after “work” my plan is to do some Christmas shopping.  Not still really in the mood for doing this so may just play it by ear later.  I’m going with mostly stocking stuffers….fun little things that will keep them occupied but it won’t a disaster if whatever gets broken or lost.  I do like books and try and get them each a nice one for Christmas so will head to the bookstore too.  Ken loved shopping for the kids!  He would have been all over Christmas shopping now.  Those kids already have so much stuff….my DIL is a bit of a shopaholic (that is an understatement….) with some hoarding tendencies, which does not make for a good combination!  So the last thing they need in their house is MORE stuff.



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