Off To The North Pole!

Should be lots of fun with the kids this afternoon.

Neighbourhood party was great last night.  I really hope it’s not the last one!  Next year will be different for sure……

Was off to breakfast at a friends this morning….lots of food and a fun thing to do instead of dinners all the time.

Tomorrow is kind of another final day.  I have gotten the payment from Ken’s last income tax return.  The estate account will be closed once and for all…..done!  There isn’t a ton of money there but enough to pay off some of the work that I had done on the Mustang and to get a couple more new tires.  That will be my Christmas present to Ken!

I look around that garage sometimes and think how much he would have enjoyed it.  Then I wonder why we just didn’t do it years ago when we first talked about adding the garage……I guess we thought, “one day” when were retired and need more puttering room.  I’m enjoying it now….I really do spend a lot of time out there.  Mostly still going through the toolboxes and car bits and pieces….finding places for whatever I decide to keep.

Like everything else around here, it’s slowly getting more organized.  I have a lot left to do but at least see some of it coming together.  Next on my list of stuff to tackle is the spare room upstairs!  I’m going to need that when my friends/neighbours that are moving away come to visit.   That room has been on my “to do” list for a long time…..even before….so now it’s definitely moved up the list in priority.



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