Last Minute Cleaning!

No matter how “clean” my house is, I always find one more thing that needs to be done!

I really should clean with my glasses on ALL THE TIME!  I did think all was well in the bathroom until I put them on……that sink just got another good, real cleaning!

All set for tonight, other than whatever else I find to clean that I missed.

I had a good time with the work girls last night and am happier than ever that I decided to retire when I did.   I truly don’t think I could have dealt with all the stress, drama and ridiculous amount of work with deadlines.

After Ken died my priorities changed.  It became all about ME and what I wanted out of life…..which I think I’m still kind of searching for.  I have found the first phase of my new normal I guess but something is still missing and I can’t yet put my finger on whatever it is……

Christmas is just as hard this year as it was last year.  I love Christmas carols but I think it’s them that sets off my moments of sadness or melancholy…..even the happy ones.  I’m not going to not listen to them so just need to deal with that.  It’s one of those no win situations…….even remembering the good times, of which there were many, just means that they’re over and done with…..BUT there are new good times now, especially with the grandkids……I have to use all my energy to focus on those…..I’m moving forward, right?

I’m putting my glasses on and going in search of something that I missed cleaning…..



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