I’m Good

At least I think I am.  I really had a couple of rough days.  But I think I’ve gotten over it now…..sort of back to normal-ish.

Got a lot done around here yesterday, keeping myself busy was good.

Dinner with friends the other night helped too.  These are friends that I’ve known for over 40 years!  At least the guys, the wives came along later….Ken went to school with them so he’d known them forever!  And they were the fishing buddies.  They had a lot of fun on those fishing trips.  That was the only thing that could ever get Ken up and out the door by 5:30AM!  They’re all retired now too, so I  wonder if we’d have been out hiking with R & S, going on more trips with T & S????  I really try not to think about that because it doesn’t matter……

Dinner last night was with the friends I’m going to Argentina with and Bev.  Much easier to chat when there are only 4 of you!

Today I have a couple more things to do to get ready for the party tomorrow and that’s about it.  I still don’t know what I’ll make for an appie but will figure that out later.


Mason jars with hopsacking bows and candles….will go with my gold/sack coloured tablecloth…..alternating red and green napkins will finish it off!

My table centre piece took 5 minutes to make last night….and it probably looks like that!.  It’s pretty simple this year…..no flowers or fresh greenery to have to remember to water.

I’m having Christmas dinner again, which I thoroughly enjoy doing.  A bigger group this year because it’s the “kids” year….I think there will be 11 of us.  I have always thought the more the merrier.  One year we had 27!  That was a tad too many….

I’m out for dinner AGAIN tonight!  My travel buddy D from work and the other two project gals.  Guaranteed to be a few good laughs with those guys.

Yes, busy is definitely good!



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