Feeling Better Today

Had a great dinner last night at our friends.  Lots of laughs, not too much wine though because I had to drive home!   It was great to catch up on everything and talk about everyones plans for next year……and the year after!  So much fun when you’re retired and have all the time in the world to plan things.  Not just trips, but local activities such a bike rides, hikes etc.

I really did struggle these last few days.  Not sure exactly what the problem was…..could have been a number of things.  It’s not like me to get like this AND then stay like that!  Maybe I need another project to keep my mind occupied…..hmmmm.  The kitchen wasn’t on the agenda until next year but might not hurt to start getting some ideas and estimates.

More China pics.  These were all taken from our first day escursion to a Ancient Water Tribe Village.  Rather contrived, other than the picture with the freighter, for tourists, but very well done and quite beautiful.  This is how life was for centuries along this river.  It was all very mystical in the mist!


I’m out for dinner again tonight with friends and then tomorrow night with the project team girls from work.   Saturday is the neighbourhood party and Sunday I’m going to the “North Pole” with the kids.  I’m glad I’m busy!  And thankfully it’s not crazy busy, but busy with fun things.

Busy is good.  It stops you from thinking and thinking and thinking……..



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