Accepting Change

It’s a hard thing to do when you get older and kind of set in your ways.

Something’s you just don’t have any control over so you have to accept it or you’ll go crazy.

The big change for me right now is that my friends and neighbours of 20+ years are selling their house 😦    I’m going to miss them a lot.  S and N have been awesome neighbours.  They’re great friends, travel buddies, walking buddies and not to mention the numerous days/evenings S and I have shared a few glasses of wine!

The real estate market here is going crazy right now and they’re hoping to take advantage of the big bucks that their home should bring.  They’re doing what’s right for them.  Moving closer to grandkids and living where she’s wanted to live for a long time.  They’ll be a ferry ride away but luckily that still only makes it a couple of hours travel time.  I’m going to miss those impromptu afternoons on our decks!

This will change the whole dynamic of the cul de sac.  That makes me sad because we’ve all had some pretty darn good times over the years.   Times change though and you can’t relive them, you just need to cherish the memories you have from them.

They’re not the first to go…..two other couples moved to downsize a couple of years ago. Bev moved 5 years ago but she’s only a couple blocks away.  We’ve all been friends for so long, moving couldn’t change that.  All the new neighbours are really nice, but definitely not anything like the old ones.  It takes years to build up friendships like we have.  And a couple of the newbies are from a different cultural background that just isn’t as social as we are.

Thankfully, there are still a few of the great neighbours left.  Moving is not in my plans, at least for the next 4 or 5 years.  I will still have a couple people around in case of emergency…..maybe in a few years I’ll have more of a relationship with the new neighbours too.  I just can’t imagine leaving a spare set of keys with them, except for maybe one couple.   I’m glad I’m having the neighbourhood Christmas party this year because I really think this will be the last one….I don’t see any of the newbies doing this!

I like where I live, close to everything, house not too big, my new garage, my deck etc.  Lots of positives for sure.  I guess the friends are the icing on the cake though.  Bev is still close by…..I’m going to have to nail her down to make sure she doesn’t abandon ship!

Like everything else, I will get used to it.  AND…..I’ll probably save a few bucks too……on wine!

That’s my rant for the day….and I do feel much better today.  I’m off to friends for dinner tonight.  I haven’t seen them since the summer so will be good to catch up.  They’re the couple that were in Hawaii with us in April.  They’ve had their kitchen redone and I can’t wait to see it…..some ideas for my reno in the Spring!



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