I’m not very good at dealing with change anymore!

I liked things how they used to be 5, or better still, 10 years ago!  Life was good then….too good I guess.

You just start to get used to changes, or new normal, and then they change again.  What the hell!

Another change coming up and I don’t like it but I have no choice except to get used to it, which I will, eventually.  More about that later……

I’m really not in the best of moods these days.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s my never-ending “to do” lists, maybe because I have this stupid cold, I don’t know……but I’m allowed to feel this way….at least for a while.  Then I have to pull up my socks and get on with it, right?

I have to do some Christmas shopping…’s mostly going to be stocking stuffers for the grandkids.  Those are fun things to pick up….maybe I’ll do that later today…..after I take a bunch of old paint cans and other containers to the recycle depot.  It will be nice to get rid of those two boxes sitting in the garage.

A couple more China pics


some lovely countryside….lots of big gardens


Wow! They’re working on this problem. Two blocks away at least 10+ new apartment blocks anywhere from 30-40 stories……none of which are lived in!


rice paddies…..

My cat is going for an ultrasound on Thursday!  Cha-ching, cha-ching…..but we love him so what else can I do.  He’s an old guy and had been pretty healthy until a few weeks ago.  They say he has renal failure….pretty mild at the moment AND an ulcer!  So he takes his pepto every morning.  Poor guy.

I’d really just like to sit down with my book today and read…not look outside at the stormy weather, not think about anything….but I know I’d never be able to concentrate on it when I’m like this.  I need to get up and go…..keep busy.  That’s what works for me until I’m over my mopey mood…..




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