Tree Is Up!

It was a rough start though……those damn lights!!  After restringing the bottom and getting rid of two sets that didn’t work….the second, centre section went up flawlessly!  So only a mini meltdown partway through.

I always put on any new ornaments first….I had 4 of them this year!  All my ornaments are from trips or from friends/family trips….I just love them!


Cloisonné bell from China, goard from Maui, little house from Newfoundland and Route 66.

Felt much better yesterday…..maybe because I had to be out the door sort of bright and early for a craft fair.  My daughter offered her help with raffle ticket sales, otherwise I probably would have gone later in the day……it was for the kids school.  I’m not big into homemade crafts…..some really nice things though….but I’m decluttering right!  Although that necklace I bought was really nice 🙂

I’m really not in the best of moods…..jetlag, a cold, the weather……I don’t know.  I think a lot about Ken at this time of year…..and I miss him so much.  He loved Christmas, especially the kids, big and small, opening their presents.  I just can’t get myself into the right frame of mind to go out and do any shopping.  I have lists from everyone but have no idea when I’m going to get out there.

I’ve managed to go through a few more trip photos and delete most of the blurry ones taken from the bus.  I do wish we’d been able to stop a bit more often but that is how it goes on tours.


the Terra Cotta Warriors….


one of the various modes of transport we saw! They have seatbelt laws, but like traffic lights, laws/rules are really only suggestions!!

BIL is coming over today with the plans needed for my deck permit….I have a few other things to keep him busy for the afternoon while my SIL is at her bridge club.  Those bits and pieces still in the garage really need to go if they’re not anything important.  I did manage to get all the new hardware on the cabinet and get it put in its place.  Before it was moved I’d put all the newly painted doors on top of it……I think it must have got used as a workbench while I was gone…..that paint IS NOT as tough as HD said it was….ah sigh.

All the lights are on, including the Christmas ones…..maybe some Christmas songs will help…..or crap, that could just make it worse……




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