I think it was inevitable….cold, snow, wind, rain, dampness, lack of sleep etc.  It all catches up.  I know they say you don’t catch a cold from being wet and cold but I do think a combination of that, lack of sleep, strange diet and all does something to your immune system… weaken it!

It’s just a cold but enough of one to make me feel crappy.  Tis the season and all, there’s really a lot of stuff to do so I’ll pick up some cold meds today, when I pick up the prescription for one of my cats….who is also sick!

We’re in for a stormy weekend so most of it will be spent inside hopefully getting a  lot of stuff done.

My new roof was put on while I was away, so I don’t have to worry about anymore leaks, which is a good thing.

A couple of pics…..they’ve changed something on WordPress since I left which doesn’t let you put your pictures where you want!  An upgrade?  I think not!


a lamp post in Tianamen Square……just a few cameras.


The Forbidden city on a quiet day! It’s a massive complex with lots of great architecture.


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