I’m Back!

What an incredible vacation this was!

We seen so much it feels like I had been gone a month.  China is an amazing country in so many ways……so, so many!

I’m sure I have at least a couple thousand pictures to go through.  I went with great friends and was lucky enough to make a few more.  We all had a wonderful time.

The 16 hour time change has messed up my internal clock.  We left Shanghai at 1:30PM Dec 2nd……..and arrived home at 8:30AM Dec 2nd!  Doing math my way that means I’ve not only gotten my lost day back from going but I’ve gained 5 more hours of life!  One of the friends I was with will be able to celebrate her birthday, Dec 2, not once but twice!  Just how much celebrating will happen is another story…..all very tired.

Facebook and many….no most….blog sites are blocked in China.   We are so lucky to live where, and how, we do!  Luckily my email still worked so was able to keep in touch with the kids.

I’m hoping I’ll be somewhat back to normal after a good nights sleep.



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