On My Way!

Heading out the door in about 5 minutes!

Terrible windstorm here yesterday.  A couple of trees down, including the one across the street that the woodpeckers lived in……maybe a few too many holes.  The tree didn’t actually fall down, it snapped in half and got hung up on the other big tree next too it…..both these trees are at least 100 ft tall!  It was pretty scary there for a while until someone was able to come and get it un-hung up…..which entailed blocking off the cul de sac.  It was dark by then so probably complicated things a little more.

The tarp blew off the roof but luckily the roofer was able to come by and do some patching.  He’ll retarp today if it’s not windy.  New roof maybe on the weekend.

So lots of activity yesterday.

I’m off and running!  Hopefully my next post will be from somewhere in China!



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