Bricks Look Great!

It was a busy day around here yesterday!

The bricklayer was done and gone by 2:30.  It looks great…..I should have taken a picture yesterday afternoon but forgot…..and it’s pouring rain now, so it will have to wait until later….or when the rain stops!

My landscaper also showed up bright and early to do the grass….one more time….and rake up all the leaves.  He also took pity on me and cleaned up the rest of the construction mess that was hanging around.  He also got rid of the piles of dirt that had been dug up when the foundation was going in…’s now very nicely spread around filling in a lot of holes and lumps and bumps that were in my side yard.

I think he also felt a little guilty about being missing in action…..I’ll take all the help I can get.  He didn’t do it for free of course, but saved me 10 trips to the dump as opposed to his 2.  It still saved me money even with the drop off charges.  It was well worth it to get that mess cleaned up and it’s one less thing that I have to think about.  I was working my way slowly…..very slowly….through it all but since I’m a fair weather only outside person, it would have taken me until next summer to get it all done.

While they were busy outside, I was busy inside.  So all in all, a great day with lots of work and lots to show for it!

And I did find that little piece of wood for the blanket cabinet….hooray.  It was right at the bottom of the bag of course, but luckily didn’t have to dump out too much to find it.  I also make sure I didn’t look at any of the stuff that was in that bag…..I’m sure whatever my son chucked, should have been chucked!  Except that little piece of wood.  I don’t what to know what’s in those bags…..whatever it is now, I’ve not needed for years….or ever for that matter, so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to miss any of it.

I finally got through to the airline for the seat selection only to be told that we can’t do it!!  Because it’s a big group charter, they won’t do it…..not sure exactly why though.  That just means that we have to be at the airport as soon as possible next week and make sure we’re close first in line at the check in where they’ll assign our seats.  I just hope I’m not stuck in a middle seat…..yuck, yuck yuck!

Friends, D & D are coming for dinner.  Doug is coming over a bit earlier to help with some of the prep…..and he’s bringing the Margaritas!  He likes cooking and helping with prep stuff, so we’ll have a great time and I can finally try out my new comal !



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