The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!!

The Good:

  • the roof isn’t leaking anymore…..thanks to a big tarp.
  • I made good progress yesterday cleaning out the tool/paint/crappy stuff cabinet in my laundry room.
  • my living/dining room sheers will get their semi-annual washing earlier than usual (one less thing that I’ll have to do right before Christmas)……they’ll look really nice and the whole room will smell lovely for a while at least.
top two shelves cleaned and ready for something other than tools, tubes, and bottles of oil, cleaners etc.

top two shelves cleaned and ready for something other than tools, tubes, and bottles of oil, cleaners etc.

The Bad:

  • the roof has to be replaced……$$$$$$ (I guess this isn’t really bad, except for the money part!)
  • this likely means one less trip next year
  • having to put the living/dining room sheers back up after washing them…..I hate doing that!

The Ugly:

  • the tarp on the roof!  Yuck…’s only temporary so I can live with that for now.
the least it's not bright blue!!

the tarp… least it’s not bright blue!!

I was busy puttering all day and really did get a lot accomplished.  It’s all going so slow though it does drive me a bit crazy.  There are things that I can’t do until other things get done, which are things that other people have to do for me……so I wait, as patiently as is possible for me.  I’ve boxed up the bottles, cans and other various containers of stuff that was in the cupboard in the laundry room.  One box is stuff I’ll keep (cleaners, ONE can of turpentine, ONE tube of unopened caulking etc.) and put in the cabinet in the garage…..when the cabinet is put where it’s supposed to be AFTER the window sills and frames are done next week, the other box is to take to the recycle depot, who will hopefully be able to take all of it.   There is a bottle of oil for tiki torches….we’ve never HAD tiki torches!!  I have a bottle of kerosene….why? I have no idea but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to need either of them for anything….ever!  Spackle….is that what it’s called?  There are at least 4 containers of that in varying sizes…all opened at some point and used for something…..

Today I’ll get those sheers down, washed and put back up.  Taking the hooks out is quick and easy but putting them back in and then hooking them all back on those little hangie white things literally gives me a pain in the neck.

Dealing with the roof has been another new learning experience for me!  I guess this is good but hopefully I’ll never had to deal with it again.  Ken would be on the phone setting up estimates etc. NOT ME!  I still find that things like this can get me down a bit…..they annoy me!  But not much I can do about it so I get over it…….and just deal with it!

The kids are coming over this afternoon and I have a job for them too!  They each have a basket of toys here.  There are lots of bits and pieces in the baskets and lots of things that they’re too old for now.  It’s time to purge and a good time to get some of those baby toys sent off to the thrift store.  There are a lot of books too that can go……those “babies first books”.  The colouring book basket needs going through too…..lots of broken crayons that can go and dried up felts and stamp things.

I’ll put my son to work too……in the garage going through all the lasts bits and pieces in the old toolboxes.  I’m sure he’s just going to chuck most of it…..more nuts, bolts, wrenches and mystery things.

They’re all going to earn their dinner tonight!



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