A Good Use For Kitty Litter Containers!

Catching the drips from a leaky ceiling!  Ah sigh……..

It’s raining…..a lot and really hard sometimes…..it’s supposed to be like this for a few days.  My roof has decided it didn’t have another couple of years left in it.

I was going to have the whole thing done when they did the roof on the addition but the roofer was too busy at that at time and was going to get back to me with a quote for a new roof in a month or so……no big hurry because he figured the roof had another couple of years left in it.  I thought I’d get the quote and if reasonable just have it done so I wouldn’t have to deal with any issues later and the roof would at least all be the same.

I guess this will now happen sooner than later and of course the timing just sucks, less than two weeks before I leave on vacation!  I’m pretty sure they’re not just going to be able to pop out this weekend and get it all done…..probably a few other leaks for them to deal with right now.

When we had the roof redone 10 – 15 years ago, it had started leaking in almost exactly the same spot…..how strange.  I have valances in my house and that is where the drips are coming from.  Last time, the actual leak was miles away up in the attic but the water was running along and down a truss, ending at the valance above the living room window.  That time it was only one drip, this time I have three!!

I had saved one of those kitty little containers because I thought it would be handy dandy to have if I needed to soak something with a nasty stain (most of my white tee shirts!!) or have a small clean up job that I didn’t need my floor washing bucket for.  And it has been very handy…..even more so today!!

I’ve laid down a garbage bag, with an old beach towel on top and then the kitty litter bucket, along with a couple of other plastic containers.

multipurpose kitty litter containers!

multipurpose kitty litter containers!

So far, so good at catching the drips.  How much and how often the drips drip depends on the direction the rain is coming from…..yesterday I was sure I was in for a disaster after the third drip appeared but last night and this morning the rain has changed direction and is coming from the east and only one drip is dripping as I type.  But not knowing the source of the leak, who knows if that is really the case.  My biggest worry is that another leak is going to pop up somewhere so I’m on leak patrol now at least a couple times a day!

I called the roofer yesterday and left a message….I pretty sure he’s a busy guy.  He called back first thing this morning (7:30!!).  I know getting a new roof TOMORROW is not going to happen, so I hope he can find the source of the leak and either fix it on a temporary basis or throw a lovely big tarp on the roof over wherever that nasty leak may be.

I had plans for today, which did not include babysitting some drips!  I think I’ve got it under control for now until he arrives, which should be sometime this morning, but that can all change quickly, just like the direction of the wind and rain!



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