I See Saw(s)

here a saw, there a saw.....

here a saw, there a saw…..

Many saws…..big, small, regular looking ones, hack saw type ones…..little tiny ones that have what look like brass knuckles that the blade hooks on too and this doesn’t include all the power type saws!  I think there are at least 4 of those…..the table saw, the one that you use to saw through 2×4’s, the “saws all” (that I use the most), a reciprocating saw and one that my BIL referred to as a “chop saw”.  And of course there are the two chainsaws…..one normal big one and then a smaller one that we bought when we were ripping out some old juniper bushes!  There is also a very old hedge trimmer with the broken handle…..I think it may have been an antique….but it got chucked!

how many of these does a "level" headed person need??

how many of these does a “level” headed person need??

And then there are the levels……I guess it’s good to have a couple of those in different sizes.  I needed one earlier in the year when I was building my little wall at the front of the house…..so I went and bought one!  Who knew that there was already a nice big one in buried in the shed somewhere?

I have tubes of stuff…..like filler I guess.  I know they’ve been around for a while and are probably not any good anymore, so those can get chucked.  There are two that aren’t even opened…..one says it’s white and the other is beige.  What would I need it for?  Should I keep them?

I’m spending my hour in there today…..no more.

Meeting R for lunch to pin down dates for our Argentina trip next year.  We’ve book our to/from airfare and now need to decide how many days we’ll spend in the various locations that we’ve decided on.  Then we can start to look at hotels and vacation rentals.  That is the most fun……we do have a dollar limit/budget, which helps to narrow down the options.

I am still waiting for Ken’s final tax return to be processed.  I really want to get that estate account closed.  It was done back in July and I finally received a notice a month ago, advising that they were processing it…..hooray!  It’s only a couple of hundred bucks but the cheque will come made payable to the “estate of”, so need that account to be able to deposit it.  I phoned a couple of days ago and was put on their “call back list”……today she phones and says there is an “error” notice on the file.  Apparently they tried to process it as a 2015 tax return, which they shouldn’t have done.  It must be processed manually…..she apologized and said that it’s in “that pile” and should be dealt with within the next month!!!  Oh for heavens sake!!!

I have not been out all week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself….at home, puttering around, watching TV (I’m addicted to Say Yes to the Dress in the afternoons now!!), getting a few things crossed off my lists and getting some good old cleaning done and decluttering.  I think I’m enjoying this because I’ve been so busy going here and there the last month.  Not having to be somewhere at a specific time is nice, very nice.  As much as I love getting out and having a social life, sometimes staying home can be just as much fun……granted you kind of have to get your head around that to see the “fun” side of it but I am getting things accomplished which makes me feel good.



4 thoughts on “I See Saw(s)

  1. What a life you’re leading, Linda! Although it probably seems slow, you’re making great progress. Before long, you can look back at all the accomplishments with awe.
    In regards to Ken’s estate, you’re probably getting great advice, but don’t forget to apply for the Clearance Certificate from Revenue Canada. One last step…………

    It sounds like an awesome trip you’re planning. Can I say I’m jealous??

    • I’m not sure what kind of a life I’m leading sometimes. One day I feel like I’m finding my “grove” and then the next I’m missing something and want more! Hard to explain but I think you mentioned feeling something like this too at one point. Progress is definitely slow but it’s getting there. My problem is moving stuff from one place to another instead of actually dealing with it! I’m getting much better. I love trip planning….it’s always something to look forward too….there is even another potential trip for next fall. But I’ll just have to see if that one will be within my budget….it’s a pricey one but sounds incredible….another tour but also to South America. It’s a year away…..I can send you the info if you like…..you could come along.

      • A trip to South America is also in my plans. The next big trip I want to take, I hope, is a Celebrity cruise from Valpariso – Buenos Aires (or maybe the cities are reversed) next January 2017. A trip around the southern tip of South America is on my bucket list so I am going to go!

        Any interest?

  2. It does sound interesting! I had hoped to get a headstart on my traveling companions and get to Patagonia in March next year then meet up with them in Santiago but it doesn’t look like that will work out. I would love to see that part of South America.

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