Mystery Things!

Any help identifying this stuff???

Any help identifying this stuff???

Any guesses?  All the stuff in that toolbox seemed to be car related……but that’s just wild guess.

These things have me completely baffled.  Maybe my son or one of the BIL’s will know.  If there are two of something, or four of something, it would sort of make sense that they are “parts” but when you have three…..I haven’t got the foggiest notion.  It doesn’t appear that any of the cars are missing bits….at least they all run….so I really think these are throw aways.

the paint is "hardening" now and will be ready for knobs and pulls by the weekend.

the paint is “hardening” now and will be ready for knobs and pulls by the weekend.

The cabinets are done…..or as done as they’re going to get.  Three coats of paint are more than enough.  The paint lady said it takes a good week for it to get to it’s hardest, so I’ll wait until the weekend to go and have a look at some new hardware.  It will be nice once this is done and in it’s proper place.

My grandson spent the afternoon with me yesterday.  It was a nice surprise.  He “helped” me paint but got more on himself I think.  Then lunch and playing in the leaves….it was so nice and warm yesterday afternoon.

After he left I really didn’t do much of anything, other than a few phone calls and a quick visit to the neighbours for afternoon happy hour!  And yes it was only one hour…..a nice glass of wine, chatting for a bit and back home to make dinner.

I did NOT spend anymore time out in the garage last night.  It’s easy to totally lose track of time when you’re out there rooting around through toolboxes!

I leave for China in two weeks.  I can’t believe how quickly this has come along.  Today I take my first dose of dukoral, which is supposed to stop travelers diarrhea (sp?).  I’ve got a pretty good stomach but I’m not going to push it and this med is good for 5 years should I decide to visit any other places where some of the food could be dodgie for me.   Packing will be tough for this trip……the long term weather forecast for Bejing is showing a chance of snow!  Definitely a few sweaters and things that I can layer.  I don’t think I’ve ever had to pack a winter coat for a vacation….not including a trip to Calgary for New Years one year!!  Or boots….what the hell am I going to take for my feet?  The rest of the places we’re going won’t be a cold so boots won’t be necessary.  My sketchers and runners?  Socks for sure….will that keep my toes warm enough?  So that’s my challenge….packing enough to keep me warm without having my luggage weigh a ton…’s got rolly wheels but it’s still has to be lifted every now and again and even rolling it along can be hard if it’s too heavy.  You really would think I’d have this packing business, regardless of where I’m headed off too, down pat by now.  But nooooooo……I’m not going to overpack this time……I’m really not!  Ha!!



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