Happy (?) Halloween

I know the kids love it but…….it’s one day of the year that I could live without.

Today I’m off to lunch with the “old” girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  Everyone is supposed to be there, so it’ll be the first time in a long time that all 7 of us will get together.  There’s usually always one missing for one reason or another.  These lunches are a lot of fun….a lot of catching up, 2 or 3 different conversations going on at the same time and of course a glass of wine or two.

It’s absolutely pouring this morning and dark!  Our clocks go back one hour tonight, so tomorrow morning won’t be quite as bad when I get up…..at least not so dark.

I bought a “90 pieces” package of candy for tonight…..I was going to buy the peanut butter cup ones but I knew I’d eat all the leftovers if there are any…..so I bought a combo pack of little chocolate bars that I don’t like……very much!  They’re a nice little treat to have every now and again but I’m not a big chocolate eater, so I’m hoping those leftovers last a long time!  I swear each and everyone of those little things adds an inch to my thighs!

Primed and ready for the heavy duty paint.

Primed and ready for the heavy duty paint.

Yesterday was a painting day…..finally.  I got the primer coat on that cabinet and today, after lunch and between trick or treaters, I hope I can get the first coat of the real heavy duty plastic type paint on it.

While cleaning out the old shed I found a cute little tool/nail/screw holder.  It’s old and homemade but I don’t know who made it.  I am thinking that it was probably Ken’s Dad or maybe even his Dad!  It must have came to our house when Ken’s parents downsized into an apartment.  I’m pretty sure it hadn’t been touched since it was put in the shed years ago. I dumped out the thousands of nails and screws, most of which were really rusty……and I already have a few thousand more in other containers…..so definitely didn’t need any of these.

cutsie little homemade holder for something!

cutsie little homemade holder for something!

I cleaned it up….ie scraped out years of rust, dirt, dust etc. and thought it might be a nice little plant holder or  something.  It seemed a shame to just throw it away because it’s really well made….and kind of “folk artish”…..and I’m sure there is some history to it, but what, I guess we’ll never know!

I don’t know what I’ll end up using it for…..maybe I’ll keep it on the cabinet in the garage and put all those big flat pencils and pens in it.  I could use one or two of the sections for the 50 or so screwdrivers and wrenches too.  Or I could put little herb pots in it for the winter….a nice little touch of greenery in there…..a “girlie” garage 🙂



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