Pouring Buckets!

It’s raining……a lot!   And it’s supposed to pour all weekend……too bad for all the little trick and treaters tomorrow night.

Halloween has never been one of my favorite days……that said, fall is not my favorite time of year so maybe that’s part of it.  I don’t like the short days and, around here, the rain that usually goes with them.

Ken liked Halloween!  Every year, when the kids were little, he’d get a bunch of fireworks and way more treats than we ever had to give out.  Usually after trick or treating someone in the cul de sac would have made a few big pots of hot chocolate and all the dads would get the fireworks going…..weather permitting of course!  With each house contributing something to the firework supply, it was easy to be out there for a good hour or so.  Everyone had a good time. Someone would have always picked up packages of sparklers, so all the kids would be waving them around trying to spell out their names.

The kids had parties at school, sometimes a friend would have a little party too and that meant having a costume ready to go days ahead of time.  I did make a few of them over the years…..the clown costume got a good number of years use and they could wear it OVER their winter coats.  One year the Moms would take the kids out and then the next it was the Dads turn……they always went to way more houses and stayed out much longer than the Moms!

Costume planning was always such a big deal.  Being a princess was a tough one because of the weather….a coat was still needed and over the costume wasn’t going to work, so we had a “puffy” princess a few times.  Zombies or mummies were always the easiest…..rip up an old sheet, wrap and pin!  The kids would change their minds 10 times before finally deciding, usually the day or the party or even Halloween day.  To me it was stressful because they’d get stressed over the damn costumes!

We’d been to a few Halloween parties ourselves over the years.  When we were younger I can remember getting pretty dressed up and having a lot of fun.  As I got older though, the thought of figuring out a costume was way too much work for me.  Ken, on the other hand, thought it a lot of FUN!!  At work sometimes we’d also have a “thing” for Halloween…..a pot luck or order in pizzas.  One or two years there were “department” contests, so I felt like I HAD to at least make an attempt at putting a costume together.  The last party and work thing was about 5 or 6 years ago…..I made myself a costume, which I thought I’d use over and over again, if there were more parties.  It was a sandwich board sign, made of cardboard….about a foot square, with black ribbon to hold the front and back together.  My sign simply said, in big black letters  “HALLOWEEN COSTUME” .  It was easy to put on and take off and reusable!  I thought it was brilliant!

Then there was the part of answering the door……whoever wasn’t out trick or treating with kids did that.  I’d park myself at the bottom of the stairs, for what seemed like hours to me, and wait for the knocks and yells.  Sometimes there’d be one kid standing there or twenty!  Up and down, up and down…..not my idea of fun.  I must say I did, and still do, enjoy seeing the little ones, the big ones not so much.  When it was Ken’s turn, he’d chat with all the kids, make comments about their costumes or jokes……he could really get into it.

I did try to keep my dislike of Halloween to myself…..at least while the kids were little.  And it wasn’t until just a few years ago that they realized just how much I did dislike it!  So I guess I did a pretty good job…..

The best Halloweens though were the ones we weren’t here for!  Not nice, I know….and there were only a couple.  The first Halloween that we “missed” at home was the year we took the kids on a cruise.  Halloween night was spent in San Juan, Puerto Rico!  Now THAT was lots of fun.  Not sure if they celebrate it as Halloween or as the eve of los dias de los muertos!   I think the ship must have stayed in port overnight.  We took a tour of the city that day and then in the evening, after dinner, we wandered around the old town ourselves.  Zillions of little kids, many in strollers, and parents all dressed up going in and out of all the shops collecting their treats.  Back on the ship later, there were costume contests, lots of fun games (bobbing for apples) and of course a Halloween themed midnight buffet.  Ken and the kids participated in some of the things but the best part was the people watching.

Another year we were in Mexico……now they really know how to celebrate down there!  Although it’s the next day,   dias de los muertos,  http://education.nationalgeographic.com/media/dia-de-los-muertos/   that is the big day for them and other Latin American countries.  Every hotel and business seemed to have a shrine set up with lots of food and other goodies.  In the morning all the stray cats would be having a feast!

That first peak coming through the siq......

That first peak coming through the siq……

Last Halloween, I was at Petra!  Alone….or at least sort of.  Certainly not with the person I wanted to be with, so even though I was with others, I was still alone in my head!  I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already.

Petra....cave dwellings.

Petra….cave dwellings.

Petra is a pretty cool place to be anytime, but being there on Halloween, as opposed to at home, was even better.  There was nothing over there celebrating it, so it was just another day….which much to my kids chagrin…..is what I wish it was here.

My cabinets are all sanded and ready for their first coat of paint.  I’m excited to get that started.  Between coats, it’s a paper day…….sorting, filing, shredding.  This is a good way to spend a rainy day……



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