Tennis Anyone?

....and there are still more of them just in a bag!!

….and there are still more of them just in a bag!!

Why?  Just why……that’s what I keep asking myself whenever I come across something like this!  How many tennis balls does one need…..ever!  Or screwdrivers, or nails, or drills, or pens….the list goes on and on.  Did we buy more, or another,  because we could never find the one(s) we had?

No one in this house has played tennis for years.  Before kids, Ken and I did….we even took lessons for a while.  But it’s not like we were out every weekend on the tennis courts perfecting our serves or backhands.  Actually we very rarely played tennis together……being a lefty my serves, if good, were pretty darn good because the spin on the ball was the opposite way….apparently.  Ken had a powerful shot, which was a good thing too, if we had been really good at playing it, but more often than not, our “matches” ended up more like a game of dodge ball…..for me!

Our daughter played tennis all through high school….on the tennis team, lots of tournaments, even made it to the provincials a couple of years, all that kind of stuff.  I think she may have played a handful of times after that.

So that begs the question of why I STILL HAVE all these tennis balls!  They didn’t take up too much room in that storage area under the stairs…..nicely tucked (hidden!!) away on a shelf, maybe we just never noticed them…..I know we didn’t keep them because we were going to get back into tennis….that wasn’t even on our radar!

Now that a year and half has gone by since I lost Ken and it’s been six months since I retired, I may just be finding my niche in how I want to live my life.  Definitely getting rid of STUFF is on the agenda.  I have to be brutal when it comes to letting go of things……but you have to be in the right frame of mind when you do it.  On good days, it’s easy to make decisions on what to keep and what to chuck, on bad days it’s virtually impossible to make a reasonable decision about anything, let alone a task like cleaning and decluttering 30+ years of STUFF.  My day to day life is settling down now that the garage is almost finished…..only siding and brickwork, hopefully next week.  I don’t try and organize my whole day anymore…..I still have my “to do” lists…..because I’ve always had those and always will….I seem to let things just flow now.  I can be NOT busy and NOT think about everything all the time.  Is that just because so much time has gone by now?  I don’t know but it does make things much easier.  I’m not worried about having nothing to do now…..unless of course, it’s one of those days, which I don’t seem to have as often…..but then we’re just heading into winter and crappy weather so we’ll see……

Today is a good day……those tennis balls aren’t getting turfed though…..Wally, the neighbour’s dog, will appreciate them.   I’ll take them over and put them in their carport.

Dinner out tonight with friends……one of my fav kinds of evenings!



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