Another Project!

IMG_6275 IMG_6276

I have to actually finish this one and the sooner the better!

Those old cupboards/cabinets from the shed need to be painted.  They’re so old, and kind of ugly, I had decided (yesterday!) that I’d just get a new(er) set of cabinets to put in my nice new garage.  They are not cheap!  There is always a salvage place but I have no idea where I might find one of those and chances are whatever I got would need some work anyway so I had to undo my decision.

My daughter and I got one of the cabinets hauled into the garage last night and I spent the rest of the evening getting all the old hardware off, most of which was good and stuck… a bit of muscle needed to pry them off.  I’m only going to use one of the sets of cabinets, there is room for the other one but I don’t think I’ll need them and having it would just provide more space to collect more stuff!

I’m organizing this garage MY way…..whether it’s the right way or not, I don’t know but it’s got to work for me!

Today I’ll give that cabinet a rough sanding and put a coat of the basecoat on.  I will get a new top though.  What’s on there now is just particle board which can’t really be sanded and it’s not quite the right size that will fit right up against the wall.  I’ll measure (twice!) and pick up something else….maybe a good sturdy piece of plywood??  I think Home Depot will cut it for me…..if not one of my saws will get put to good use.

I was so motivated about doing this I couldn’t sleep in this morning!  How is that for excitement?  Of course I still have everything else to do around here but it can all wait… it has for a long time.

Back in the day, I would get excited about projects like this too only I wasn’t usually the one doing the any of the work…..I was the “creative” side, not the labour!  It would, or could, drive Ken crazy……because more often than not I’d already have some other project on the go that was half finished.  Nothing has really changed because I still do that but now I can appreciate things much better……looking at it from his perspective as the labourer!  I still have not lived and learned!

My ex-SIL is back in the hospital…..she was a bad girl, not taking some meds,  not eating etc.  They’ve rehydrated her and she’s on the road to recovery…..or as recovered as she’s going to get, I guess.  She has her first scan on Thursday since starting her chemo back in September and other than, what appears to be a chest infection of some sort, the xrays that they’ve done while she’s been in have looked really good.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.  So at some point this afternoon I’m going to have to stop working on my project….after the sanding…..and pop up to see her.  I’m only going to pay for ONE HOUR of parking.  Is that terrible?  My niece isn’t back in town until next week, she had to go home for a couple of weeks…..hence the exSIL not behaving… I kind of resent this self inflicted issue that is taking time away from my stuff…..very selfish I think on my part but it is what it is!!  It’s not really one hour because there is time I need to take to get ready to go out, then travel time (1/2 hour each way) and will I still have that “motivation” going by the time I get home?  I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I do!  I don’t HAVE to go see her but I know she doesn’t have anyone else, so I don’t want to regret not going if something were to happen.  It’s that guilt thing……why do we feel that?  Guilt is a terrible thing to have to live with…..whether it’s truly something to be guilty of or just that feeling that you didn’t do what you should have even if it’s not something you could have done!!  Does that make any sense?  Probably not but…..

It’s just after 8 and I’ve already had my two cups of coffee, so I’m ready to tackle that cabinet.  I think part of it is because I have a nice dry, warm(ish) garage to do it in!  I would never in a million years have done this outside at this time of year….especially today in the rain.  Such a silly thing to get excited over, but hey……..



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