Dryer venting that is!

How disappointing that I got wrong information from Home Depot……my go to guys, except for carpet, of course.

This venting business into the garage IS NOT good.  I put a load of towels in the dryer and even after opening the windows AND garage doors, it was like a steam bath in the garage……but it smelled really nice 🙂

So this morning first thing…..after I finish this… to phone someone to come and redo the venting for my dryer.  It cannot be left like it is, if I’m ever to do laundry again.  I did go online and I think I could do it myself, with a little help…..which is the missing part of my plan….the help!  My neighbor would probably help but……

And my little cat, with the thyroid issues, also had some claw issues….which apparently can be from the thyroid thing…..they grow really fast.  I took her in for a check up ($$$) and to have her free birthday paw-icure last week and low and behold if a couple of her claws had not only gotten really long but had curled right into her paw pads.  As a result she had a couple of open wounds on little feet.  I picked up some “yesterdays news” kitty litter so the other stuff wouldn’t get stuck in those wounds.  She loved the new litter……the other cats not so much!  So, even before MY COFFEE, I have cleaned up a couple of puddles in my laundry room…..  Her feet are good today, so we are reverting back to the clumping stuff!

There are feathers out on my deck…..AND in my house!  Is it possible that one of my old cats is still capable of catching a bird?  Usually they just sit on the deck and watch the birds…..hmmmmm.   I found a feather on the carpet in the bedroom this morning so I’m now wondering if there might be a little carcass stashed away somewhere IN the house……if so, I’m assuming I’ll smell it sooner or later.

Geez…..what a surprise, my grass/gutter guy didn’t show up yesterday.  He didn’t even call with an excuse!!  If he’s not here today, I’m really done with him.  It’s been a long time since I had to fire anyone, but at least I don’t have to do all the documenting that went with it at work…..the proof for this is very clear….my lawn is a foot deep and my gutters are full!   My grass is yellow in a couple of places…..I immediately thought the bear might be using it but apparently, according to my neighbor, I have a case of “lawn rust”….. I had never heard of it before…..

Lets see….what else is on the agenda for today?  Maybe just going back to bed… it too early to drink wine?   No, as much as I complain about stuff like this, it actually gets me motivated to get moving earlier in the morning rather than later ….busy is good!



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