The Root(s) of all Evil…..

live in MY YARD!



AFTER....and those 3 big, nasty roots!

AFTER….and those 3 big, nasty roots!

As much as I love my maple tree, I equally hate the roots!  They are the bane of my life at the moment and caused my digging to come to a jolting stand still!  By jolting I mean an intense, jarring pain in the wrists, arms and shoulders the second that shovels hits one.  Thank heaven for advil!

I did get it all dug out though…..I’m very pleased with myself for finishing what I could and then some……spreading all that excess dirt around to start leveling off the side yard.

I guess in a way, I have to thank those roots.  I wanted the walkway around the side of the garage to be a little bigger but thanks to the roots, it’s as big as it’s going to get.  I did consider getting my little “saws all” tool out but they’re pretty darn big roots and worried about compromising the integrity of that big tree if I started hacking away at them…..that’s all I’d need is the tree to fall over and pull up half my garage with it!!

While I was busy shoveling away my neighbor was blowing AND mulching my leaves, which was very nice of him.  He even brought over his green bin and filled it up.  Doing those leaves is a rather thankless job right now…..this morning there were a ton more of them.

leaves, leaves and more leaves.........

leaves, leaves and more leaves………

But he quite enjoyed himself and I know that if he didn’t have some health issues, he would have been right in there digging with me.  It’s his way of keeping busy, so I won’t complain if he wants to do it……I know it also drives him crazy when my leaves work their way over to his lawn…..I’ll look at it like a kind of a “win, win” thing because it’s just not a priority for me.

Slowly but surely this will all get done.  I have big, grandeous plans for that corner…..little retaining wall, nice pavers and now, thanks to the roots, probably a step or two….which I didn’t want but since, at least for now, I’m not the one having to haul the lawnmower up and down  them, I’ll only worry about it looking nice 🙂

Speaking of lawnmowers… grass guy called late yesterday……now there is something wrong with his truck….OFFS!!!  What next……he said he’d be here first thing this morning……almost 10 now and I’m just not seeing him!!  But then early to one person may not be the same thing to another, right?  Patience……or ????

Today will be an “in” day…..and my back can use a rest for a day or two.  That said, I’m hoping to move a few things into the garage so I can take back my laundry room.  I guess the garage is an “in” thing now….I do really love it.  And will even more once the siding and brickwork is done… month!!  The brick guy is on vacation for two weeks, which is OK since the siding won’t be here for another week or two…..I keep telling myself that IT WILL BE FINISHED… day!



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