I Have So Many Things I WANT To Do…..

…..and what I should say here is “but no time to do them”, but that is just simply not true anymore though.  I DO have lots of time to do all the stuff I want to do……I just can’t prioritize it!  Each day my priorities seem to change…..which is why I have so many “half” done jobs.  Weather is also a factor around here….that saying “make hay while the sun shines”…..does apply.  I think, this AM while it’s still sunny I’ll get back to my digging outside…..if I don’t get it done and the rain starts, it will just have to wait for another nice day!  Half ass, half done jobs…..ah sigh.

But I’m itching to get stuff moved into the garage.  The problem is I don’t want to just “PUT” it all in there.  I want there to be some order to it all…..I want to be able to find things when I need them.  And I’ve spent way too much time on the HOUZZ website dreaming of what my garage “could” look like.

My grass guy didn’t show up yesterday…..he left a message and said he was running late so will come first thing this morning…..I’m waiting.  If he doesn’t show I think I might have to find a new guy….this drives me a little crazy.  This is also what I think of as a Ken job, not mine but now it is.

So many of these jobs are two people jobs.  I’ve gotten used to that fact that there is just me now MOST OF THE TIME, but it still drives me a little crazy sometimes when there is stuff I just can’t do on my own.  It doesn’t faze me anymore when I have to go out and pick something up I forgot either just after I’ve gotten in the door or am in the middle of making something….it is what it is and I’ve also learned to be a better shopper or planner after having to do this once or twice…..or ten times!

It’s all the other stuff.  There are inside things and outside things….both big and small….that should be done, or need to be done.  The heavy things that I can’t move by myself….or have to move in pieces.  I don’t like waiting for someone to come and help, which I know is my problem, but when I’m on a roll……there’s a much better chance that I’ll actually finish what I start and if I have to stop and wait for help, that may not happen right then and there…..that job or task gets lowered on my list until “whenever”.

One of my neighbours so very kindly “blew” all my maple leaves, of which there are a lot all over the ground and lot more still to come off the tree, into a nice big pile for me.  Very helpful indeed, except that putting those leaves in the green bin is not one of my priorities today and, I’m sure as much as he would like it to be, I’m not going to make it one!  I can appreciate that there are a lot of them and no one likes to have them all over their lawn….it is fall and leaves FALL off trees and have for years….and this year is no different at my house than it has been for many years.  The grass guy/landscaper will get rid of them over the next month or so…..NOT ME.

Back in the old days, we’d blow, rake and bag leaves every weekend…..it was always kind of fun, if it wasn’t raining of course.  And if I….. just me….. didn’t have other stuff to do, it might still be fun….the grandkids would probably have a blast.

There is just me so I’ll go along at my own pace…..whatever that might be.  I just keep telling myself that everything I want done, will get done…..SOMEDAY!



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