Digging……and digging!

my work "cut" out for me!

my work “cut” out for me!

This all needs to be dug out for the sidewalk around the side of the garage!  I had hoped that the excavator guy would have leveled it all out a bit more but….oh well.

Luckily the dirt is not hard packed, so relatively easy to dig out but still backbreaking just because there is so much of it.  I managed to get the area marked so I know where to dig and I did get a fair amount of it done yesterday but ran into the wheelbarrow…..which is full of gravel…..that I could barely budge.  I was afraid of it tipping over so just continued to dig around it for now.  I’ll definitely need some help moving it.  Tomorrow I’m hoping my son (and grandkiddies) come over and help with some of digging, if the weather holds up, and to get SOME of the stuff under the deck moved into it’s new home in the garage!

I also got the backyard cleaned up so that my grass guy can safely get it cut without construction debris becoming lethal projectiles and killing him or breaking windows!   Yesterday was a good day…..lots accomplished so, other than an aching back, I felt pretty good!

Today, I’m busy again…..cat to the vet, housecleaning and dinner with R & G to plan our next trip!  We’ve already started doing some of the preliminary stuff and “costing”…..checking out accommodations, inter-country flights, hotels, car rentals etc.

Next trip!

Next trip!

Tonight we’re going to try and set dates and organize an itinerary, or at least the start of it.  How long will we stay in various locations, where will we need a car, will it be a vacation rental or, if only a couple of nights, a hotel.  Argentina is huge and car rentals terribly expensive, so driving, as we would in Italy or France, all over the place is not going to be an option.  Other than the actual day that you leave for vacation, this is one of the best parts……the planning!

This will be the first big vacation with these guys with only me.  We’ve known them  forever (35 years!) and over the years we travelled a lot with them, including lots of our early years camping trips.  So far, with just the bits that we’ve done, it’s just kind of like the old days….but no Ken to ask for his input!

Before dinner R and I are heading up to the hospital to see our friend Bonnie.  She’s doing really well so we’re all very relieved.  I’m amazed by her strength….it’s incredible really.



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