Another Busy Day!

Busy days are good for me.  Although…..if I were more organized I would spread my “busy-ness” around a little better.  I’m such a procrastinator…..but I can’t help it.  I find any excuse NOT to do something one day and am then sorry the next when I have that to do plus whatever else…..ah sigh.  BUT….I’m retired, right?

Yesterday I managed to get a few things accomplished.  I got the dryer vent….not the one I wanted, or really needed (have to order it online!!), but one that works for now…..I HAVE to do some laundry!  I also fixed my screen door….the one from the kitchen on to the deck.

Good enough!

Good enough!

The springy thing fell off!  I think the kiddies are a little rough on that door.  The screws were stripped and fell out as soon as I put them back in so I had to do a “Ken fix”.  I found a few little pieces of wood, one of which I screwed on the door and then screwed the spring thing into that.  I works for now…..maybe a coat of paint or two and no one will notice!

I spent the better part of my day “washing” the garage floor.  That is the source of the drywall dust that is getting tracked all through the house.  I have washed the laundry room floor, entrance hall floor, stairs, living/dining room floor so many times in the last week it’s not funny….well, it is really when I think about how dumb I was to do it!  The garage was shop vac-ed twice, swept a million times and it was still dusty.  So I washed it!  After sweeping it two more times I got out my old mop, sloshed water all over it and between the mop and my big “mustache” (?) broom finally got rid of most of it.

the last bits of construction stuff to clean up today....will not be sorry to see the end of this!

the last bits of construction stuff to clean up today….will not be sorry to see the end of this!

Today, will be dump day for the insulation because my BIL is borrowing the truck….otherwise it probably would have sat for another week, knowing me!  I’ve also got to get the last bit of junk cleaned out of the back yard.  My landscaper is coming tomorrow to get at least one more grass cutting done, to clean the gutters (already full of leaves and crap) and to put on the gutter guard stuff.  I call him my landscaper, which in reality that is what he is but if you seen my yard, you’d get a good laugh out of me having a “landscaper”….he simply cuts my grass and is not in anyway to blame for my poor landscaping skills!  LOL…..that’s probably why he doesn’t put a sign on my lawn like he does his other customers!!

It seems like it’s taking forever to get my house back to normal……

I was out for dinner last night, going out tonight and then having company tomorrow night…..ah what a social life I have!  Not really, it’s just that it all seems to happen at the same time!



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