Garage Cleaning Day! I

I’ve ordered the siding, white 8″ vinyl, which is at least the same size as my existing siding and the pattern is as close as I’m going to get.  It’s going to take 3 – 4 weeks for that to arrive….apparently 8″ isn’t “in” these days.  They do have it in stock……but back east somewhere….oh well.  Then, next spring once the weather is good for outdoor vinyl painting I’ll have it done to either match, as close as possible, the colour now or I’ll end up getting the whole house painted.

The inside, except for window and door trim, is done.  I’ve parked my car in there the last few nights…..really windy, rainy nights (!)…..and think it’s great!

Rhys was here for hours yesterday cleaning…..and cleaning.  That drywall dust is unbelievable.  It coats everything.  My shop vac is missing parts….like the long handle, which is probably buried in the pile of shed stuff under my deck… I think it’s making more of a mess with the dust than it is helping.

I have a to do list a mile long today… I know right off the bat that all of it won’t get done.  I have phone calls to make to get the cable and phone box thingies reattached (all painted now), I have to get a piece of sheet metal….maybe about 2 x 2, which I will attach to the wall under the outside tap….which is now an inside the garage tap….this will protect the drywall from hose spray etc., I have to get a new dryer vent, which is also now an inside the garage thing….there are special ones that reduce the moisture and stop all the dryer lint/fluff from escaping all over the place.

Before I get all this done I have to give the garage a good cleaning.  He swept, vacuumed, washed etc. but there is still a lot of dust, which gets tracked into my laundry room and up the stairs every time anyone walks through there.  I’ll be off to Home Depot to get a better mop…..probably one of those wringout rag ones and a new bucket to use to slosh the water.  I don’t want to chance using the hose because of the drywall…..

Ah sigh… much to do.  But I think I’m going to like doing all this… least at first.  I’m sure by 4PM I’ll be cursing and swearing.   If I stay focused, I should be able to get all this done myself.   I’m getting much better at how much time I think jobs like this will take…….one person = half of what two can do!!

The old Mustang will be coming home this weekend…..where it belongs.  Where it should have been years ago had our plans not been drastically changed!  I think that’s pretty exciting and I know that Ken would be thrilled.  He would be spending hours and hours out there puddling and puttering around with that car.

I’m off and running……really I’m sitting having yet another cup of coffee 🙂


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