A Grey Rainy Day!

Definitely an indoor day today…..and goodness knows I’ve got enough housework to do to keep me busy for many rainy days!

I’ve got my “to do” list and all I have to do is stay focused on it….one thing at a time.  I love getting sidetracked though….you just never know what that one thing or piece of paper will lead to!  I’m retired right? So if I don’t get to it all…..there is always tomorrow…..manana and all that.

Yesterday we got our China visa applications submitted and this afternoon I, and my friends N & S, have appointments at the Travel Clinic to find out what, if any, shots etc. they suggest.  This is exciting!  That trip is just over a month away…..ack!  Almost time think about packing AGAIN!

I survived yesterday!  Birthdays I think will be the hardest.  I didn’t do anything exciting….nothing that marked it as a special day.  Maybe we (the kids and I) should have gone out for dinner…..something, anything…..that would have made it a little special….or maybe not, I don’t know.  Whether we celebrated or not, he was in my thoughts most of the day, that’s what matters.

The lights are all on (I don’t think I’ll get my “low usage” rebate this year!), all the blinds are open and it’s still pretty dark and gloomy inside….but I’ll get busy and keep myself occupied…..and crossing a thing or two off my list helps too!



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