Sunny Saturday!

This is a good opportunity to get my deck cleaned off and ready for winter……ah sigh.  I’m going to miss sitting out there.  It’s one of my favorite places to ponder life.  Life that was and life that will be!

It will go on and things have to be done.  The good part of this is that I’ll have some place other than the spare room to keep the deck stuff now.  Or at least I will soon.

The garage is in it’s finally stages.  I’m having the drywall primed as opposed to leaving it as it…..that’s supposed to be done on Monday.  Then the final trim around the doors and windows will be done so the inside will be completed and ready to use.  AND that will hopefully be the end of drywall dust!

Getting close to finished! Looking good I think......

Getting close to finished! Looking good I think……

It’s everywhere….I just don’t understand how they can make that big of a mess.  The painter will do any additional sanding that may be required and that should be the last of that mess…..I HOPE!  It gets tracked absolutely everywhere.  Next week I need to go out and have a look at siding.  I’ll take a piece of the existing aluminum with me to try and match it as best as I possibly can.  If I can’t I may have to think about having the house painted…..but that would be a job for next year.  I’m done with renos for this year!

I’m really just done with making decisions for now.  It’s a hard thing to do by yourself!  I second guess everything……very tiring!

Only 4 of us, so lots of room around out work table.

Only 4 of us, so lots of room around out work table.


My pretty tablecloth, a comal and a handmade talavera plate.

A couple more pics from Mexico.  I might just head out today to pick up a few things and give one or two of the recipes a try.  She made them look so quick and easy to do!

Slowly getting back to normal today.  I’m feeling much more energetic this morning than I was yesterday.  Finally getting around to unpacking!



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