We’ve now arrived back in Mexico City and are getting organzied in our very little guesthouse/hotel room.

The week of cooking classes were fantastic.  I have ton of pictures of course and will try to get some more posted.  It wasn’t quite the “experience” we expected but we did have a good time.  Among a couple of things was the internet access…..which wasn’t!

the door to our room at the hacienda

the door to our room at the hacienda

Weather was just how it was predicted to be so no surprises there.  Pleasant through the day and a bit chilly at night. Today though was horrid…..rain, thunder, wind and darm cold.

This was definitely not a holiday that Ken would have enjoyed!  He was rather picky foodwise and the fact that there was not really anything to do in the evenings probably would not have gone over very well with him.

I probably would not recommend this trip except maybe for a bunch of friends that enjoy each others company or need time to do some catching up.  There were only two other gals….who were fun and interesting…but not nightowls.

The internet seems to be pretty good here in the city….but it is Mexico and you just never know!



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