It Looks Like A Garage!

Trusses arriving!

Trusses arriving!

How exciting!

The trusses arrived bright and early yesterday morning and by the time the guys left at 5 there was a roof!  It’s really starting to look like a garage now.

This morning, early but not so bright, the garage door company arrived to do the measuring and for me to pick out which doors I wanted.  I ended up with just the plain old ones with squares….like the other neighbours.  Made sense to me to be consistent and I don’t need anything flashy for there that would stick out.

They're up!

They’re up!


roof on!

It looks really good and I’m really quite happy with the whole thing.  Today they’re building the little “skirt” (?) roof that will be over the rest of the garage and the front door….it’ll all tie in with the roof on the new part.  The same thing is being done at the back.

Tomorrow the roofing goes on and the back door and two windows go in.  The garage doors should be here by Thursday next week.

By the time I get home it’s pretty well going to be done.  They’ll start the inside drywalling etc. after the slab is poured (early next week) and the garage doors are in.

Today I have the last bit of laundry to do and to START packing.  Everything is ready to go and just needs to go into the suitcase.  I’m packing more sweaters than I usually have to pack for a vacation.  The temps through the day down there are pretty nice…into the mid 70’s but in both places, Tlaxaca and Mexico City, the night time temps are down into the 50’s….I’m also packing a coat just in case!  And it looks like a fair amount of rain in the forecast too, so I’ll through in my trusty little travel umbrella.

Now that I’m more of less organized, I’m getting excited about this trip.  Bad timing of course with the garage……I had really thought it would have been done and finished by the time I left…..oh well.  Crap happens.  I’m not planning anymore major renos, at least until next year, so will certainly make sure that any holiday planning is coordinated a little better then.



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