Trusses Today!

How exciting!  They’re arriving a day earlier than expected, so I’ll at least see some of the roof started before I leave.

As usual I didn’t get done what I’d planned yesterday but all was not lost…..I managed to get to the metal recycling place and came home with $16 and I also got to my bank to put money in my “holiday account” for spending money once in Mexico!

Today I’ve got another “to do” on the list, which is to get a lock for the new door from the garage into the back yard.  That should be an easy thing to do, right?  How difficult can it be and just how many different kinds of door knobs etc. are there……I guess I’m going to find out!

Hair will wait until tomorrow and if it doesn’t get done, it’s not a big deal.  I do have to get to the foreign exchange place at the mall this morning…..that will be the first thing I do.

It’s already after 9, I have to be back home by 11……and I’m not even ready to leave the house yet!  Argh……I really do enjoy lazy mornings as opposed to those get up, throw on some clothes and out the door days.  This might be a bit of a bad habit to be getting into!  There isn’t usually anything so pressing in the mornings that I HAVE to rush around, but when there is, it’s hard to get my act together…..and I don’t like it!

Did I say how much I’m looking forward to this vacation?  I know it’s not going to be a terribly relaxing one but it’s a different kind of hustle and bustle when you’re on vacation… I can handle!



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