Another First…..

This morning, I’m off to the metal recycling depot!  I’ve never been before and I’m not sure that Ken ever had reason to go either.

slowly working my way through the pile(s)!

slowly working my way through the pile(s)!

All the old soffit (sp?) stuff from under the carport had to come down…..has to be drywalled and mudded for safety reasons ie carbon monoxide.  My neighbor told me about the recycling place and that they PAY you for your scrap metal.  Who knew that??  He thinks I might get $20-30 out of it…..that will be a bonus if I do.

Yesterday wasn’t terribly productive.  Just too many things on my list of “to do’s” so needless to say, hardly any of it got done….I don’t know why I do that!  I did manage to get another load of garbage off to the dump.  Bev was my helper again….I really owe her big time!

A little bit of house cleaning got done and one load of laundry….at least it was something.  Today I’m not setting myself so many goals.  I’ll get the soffit stuff loaded and off to the recycling depot and then I’ll head to the exchange place at the mall (how convenient is that!) and have a quick look for a rain-type jacket. If I get anything else done….I’ll pat myself on the back then!

Bev and I were talking yesterday…on the way to the dump….about how my thoughts have changed over the last six months.  There were so many times when I’d sort of feel sorry for myself having to do everything….because there is only ME.  If something went wrong, if something didn’t work, if I was in a situation where I didn’t know what to do……there was always Ken there to either do it, or at least tell me what to do or how to fix it.   Sometimes I’d even get angry with Ken!  How silly is that?  I’ve somewhat gotten over it now… least most of the time.

I don’t think that way as much anymore….except maybe for this garage business!  But I’ll have learned a few new things by the time this project is finished, which will hopefully be of some value further down the road.

I guess this is all just part of learning to live alone……or getting used to living alone.  You have to be independent…..I am responsible for ME and all the messes that I get into.


My hanging basket is still looking pretty good, considering the weather we’ve had over the last month.  It’s been blown around, poured on and it’s still blooming like crazy.  It’s almost time to take it down though, which is too bad because it adds so much colour and makes the deck look so much brighter…..



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