Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

Five months ago I would never have said that!  But after one heck of a busy weekend, I’m glad it’s back to sort of normal…..if having a construction job going on could be called normal!

I was busy but I also had a lot of fun.  Saturday I babysat….which was fun.  There’s a little guy that lives in the cul de sac that is the same age as my grandson.  They play really well together and on Saturday afternoon, along with my older granddaughter they set up a juice stand….made with raspberries they’d picked from the back yard.  The neighbours were great….they all came out to buy a glass!  I’m not sure if they actually drank it….but the kids ended up with $3 each at the end of their business day!

I was out Saturday and Sunday night.  Yesterday was spent cleaning up, inside and outside….at least as much as I could.  Today is dump day… really is!  Friday it never happened as planned and no time over the weekend so I’ll get that first load there today….before it starts to rain!  Argh….at least it’s only supposed to be for a day or two and not a lot.

This morning was very nice….I could actually just sit and relax out on the deck with my coffee.  There isn’t going to be too many more of those kinds of mornings.  It’s quite chilly out there until the sun pops over the neighbours house.  More and more birds, different birds every day, so great to just sit and watch them.

More framing today and I think the slab may be poured tomorrow.

On the Mustang front…’s running!  Still work to be done but they were really surprised that after just sitting for 8 years, after putting in a new air filter , changing the sparkplugs and setting up a jerry can to use for gas, it fired right up!  The engine purred….no knocking, nada!  He’s got more to do of course…..disk brakes (so I don’t have to use all my might and two feet to stop!), some new tires……it will actually be drivable again.  It’ll just get moved to my BIL’s for storage until the garage is done but I’m getting excited about being able to get it home, where it belongs!  What will I do with it then?  That car meant so much to Ken…..I can’t just let it go.  It’s not worth a lot in the state it’s in, even after the engine type work is done, and I’m not sure I could sell it.  I’ll just hang on to it, drive it every now and again, maybe get some of the body work done one day…..I don’t know



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