Framing Will Start Today

Not on the new part but for the new walls on the existing carport.  The new area needs another couple of days for the concrete to “cure”.

drainage system in place......just about ready for the backfill!

drainage system in place……just about ready for the backfill!

The new drainage system is just about finished now.  The sump/culvert thingie was relocated to the side of the driveway instead of UNDER it, like it had been for eons.  This way IF there are any drainage issues down the road, at least we can get to it without having to dig up the driveway.

It will be exciting to see the start of the walls going up…..everything is coming along  quickly, so I’m really happy about that.  It’s not going to be anywhere near finished before I leave for Mexico, which is what I had hoped for but with all the plan reviews, visits to city hall and the one week delay with the variance board meeting, it is what it is!

I’ve been sticking pretty close to home the lasts couple of days because of suppliers/service guys, or whatever they’re called, needing payments… cheque book is getting a work out for sure!

This has given me a chance to get some of the papers cleaned up, laundry caught up and an attempt at going through MORE junk in the spare room….that is really overwhelming.  I figure if I spend 1/2 and hour each day in there…..that is about as much as I can stand before I want to cry……and either put something away where it belongs or chuck it, I should be done by next year!!  Seriously, that room is worse than my “garage” room in the basement.

yes, that's it!

yes, that’s it!

There are boxes of stuff….more paper, half packed boxes ready to go to Value Village, bags of wrapping paper/bags, dishes that need to be put in the cabinet instead of being on top of it, the accordion file with all Ken’s medical stuff and journals (what should I do with all THAT??), there’s a couple of bags of material that I bought TWO summers ago for recovering the outdoor chair cushions which never got done, there is a Harrods bag full of stuff (ticket stubs, maps etc.) from our last trip to London (2010) that needs to go into the album I bought for that trip, which is also just sitting in there.

I was saving this room for a rainy day but we’ve already had a few of those and I haven’t even opened the door…..except to add MORE stuff to the collection….argh.

Bit by bit…..that’s all I can handle.  It should never have gotten to the state it’s in but crap happens and I just didn’t care about it for so long.   I would eventually like that room to be the computer room/office……one day!



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