Harvest Day

Herb harvest that is!

the herb pot

the herb pot

I have an herb pot on the deck that has some basics in it……Rosemary, Sage and Thyme….that I use fresh year round.  The pot gets pulled undercover, somewhat protected from the rain, snow and cold of winter and they’ve managed to survive for years.  There are other herbs that I like fresh but over the years have learned to not put them in the same herb pot…..like basil, which won’t survive and oregano, which will take over the entire pot.  I just buy those separately and use them fresh through the summer.

Basil on the left, oregano on the right. The basil leaves are huge and just beautiful....too bad they can't be kept like that!

Basil on the left, oregano on the right. The basil leaves are huge and just beautiful….too bad they can’t be kept like that!

As usual, both my basil and oregano produced bumper crops in their little pots.  I hate to just let them die away as the weather cools down, so I harvest them!  They get chopped and left to dry on the counter for a couple of days then into my herb jars to be used all winter.  Both are just as good dried flavor wise…..actually even more flavor, especial the oregano.

That is the first thing on my list this morning!

The next is laundry…..now that my carpet is in the family room, the ironing board and shoe racks can reclaim their usual places and I can get at my washing machine and dryer again!  I’ve still got tool boxes and ladders all over the place, but at least I can move those off to the side.

Friday was a good day, in that our forms inspection passed…..hooray.  Not with a moment or two of heart failure though and another $100 consulting fee to the Structural Engineer to PROVE to the city guy that we DID not have to dig up and create new footings (??) for the existing carport!

ah no......we do NOT have to dig up the existing concrete!

ah no……we do NOT have to dig up the existing concrete!

It was definitely well worth the $100 otherwise it could have cost a couple THOUSAND!  So much for the *city inspectors actually knowing what is really needed…..my builder explained, and showed him on the plans, that we were not touching any of the existing original structure, which is completely sound, only adding the framing for the wall to close it in……which only needs some sort of a 6 or 8 inch base off the concrete….  After finding our surprise sump, that will have to be relocated, which also means we have to redo/direct the perimeter drainage, Rhys assures me that once we’re out of the ground there will be no more surprises!  I can completely understand now how one can go over budget on these types of projects!

ah sigh.....next year it will be nice under there!

ah sigh…..next year it will be nice under there!

My new patio is a mess!  At least I did manage to get a months use out of it before it became, once again, a storage area.  It’s only temporary, so I can live with it.  I have a yard full of soil, even after four loads of it being taken away, that I can use for filling in around the patio and eventually getting some more grass planted.  Right now though, I think it will just be the dirt!  My back yard looks like a war zone…..just too much going on to even worry about it.

Friday with the kids was fun but honestly it wore me out.  They were all really good….we had the odd time out……but nothing terribly drastic.  Just so busy and a lot of noise…..which I think might be what makes it harder.  You don’t always know if its screams or yells of excitement, fun, pain, temper tantrams or what.  We did bake some cookies…..watching them in the oven kept every one occupied for quite a while….along with colouring and, I’m afraid, the TV!  Hooray for Treehouse!  They couldn’t play in the yard because of all the building debris so we headed out into the middle of the cul de sac with scooters and balls in the afternoon.  Luckily the weather cooperated and they all had a good time.  But when my son arrived around 5 to pick them up……I was done!  I was still done until late yesterday afternoon…..when I finally worked up the energy to get going.

This whole garage thing was something that WE had wanted to do for a long time….it will add value to my house, it will give me a place to keep the old Mustang and some much needed storage.  I sometimes find myself second guessing my decision to go through with it…..but it’s too late now to change my mind.  I think it’s because all the decisions are left up to me….I know I wouldn’t have been nearly as involved in this whole mess if Ken were here.   I guess the good thing is that I’m learning a lot about stuff I never really knew anything about…..learning new things is good.  I’ll be very happy when this is done, I know that for sure, but I just hope I don’t ever have to take on a project like this again!

*a little research on city inspectors…..I had assumed, wrongly……that most of them were engineers…..not so!  Some are of course, but many are just guys, who may or may not have been in the construction business at some point, that have taken building inspector courses….basically learning and keeping up with the most current building codes.  There is nothing that says they actually have to know how to build something!  And for him to then question the Structural Eng????



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