Things Are Moving Along

Breaking ground this morning….yeah!

starting with the stump!

starting with the stump!

I still don’t have the permit BUT the city guy said approval was imminent so OK to start site prep, digging etc. but no concrete or actual building, like framing.  We’re not there yet anyway, so no problem……at least just yet.  I’m hoping the permit is ready today or tomorrow.

R ordered everything yesterday.  I set up and account at our local building supply store….getting not only the “contractor rates” but the family and friends discount as well…..every penny saved means another holiday down the road somewhere!

He also managed to get the shed mess cleaned up in no time….in the pouring rain!  Oh to be young, strong and tough again.  All the wood is now piled up at the back of the yard and will be dealt with when then get the dump truck or rubbish removal guys in.

I was really a bit down yesterday morning but as the day progressed my mood improved a lot.   At one point yesterday morning I had R, the builder here, my BIL to go over the plans with him and drop, what I hope are the final copies, off at city hall, my neighbor N, who was putting in the new kitchen plugs…that bothered him more than me!  Sometimes you just live with stuff like that….plugs hanging out of the wall…for so long you don’t even notice it anymore.  And my friend Bev popped by.  I headed off to pick up donuts and muffins for everyone and put on a big pot of coffee….not much else that I could contribute.

After they’d all left….just after noon, Bev and I went for lunch and I went to pick up a few groceries.  All of a sudden I felt a lot better….and cooking is really quite therapeutic for me.  I decided that dinner would be homemade clam chowder in HOMEMAD bread bowls!  I haven’t made homemade bread for eons.  It was fun, easy to do and of course tasted yummy… positive for the day.  IMG_5082 IMG_5083

The old Mustang got towed to it’s temporary home last night.  That kind of made me sad to see it go.  It’ll be back of course…..with new brakes and tires and driveable!  Just how often it’ll get taken out will just have to be seen.  I should have taken a picture of it on the truck but I didn’t.  It really is a nice looking car and maybe one day, if I win the lottery, I can think about getting some of the body work done on it.  Ken would be happy about that!



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