Crying…..Sad AND Happy Tears

Today is the Celebration of Life for my friends Bev’s sister.  These last couple of weeks have been tough for Bev.  I wish there was more that I could do for her…..she’s been busy with her brother-in-law and other family.  It’s hard to know sometimes what to do.

I know there will be lots of tears today……sad tears.  Dianne was a lovely person….a “people person” as Bev said.  Whatever her issues might have been, when you seen her, she always had a smile on her face and was genuinely happy to see and chat with you.  There will be a lot people today.  She and her husband belonged to the local Lion’s Club, there will be old neighbours and old co-workers, friends of her husband, friends of her kids, friends of Bev…..yes, there will be a lot of people and a lot of tears.  We live in a relatively small suburb and if you’ve lived here long enough you get to know a lot of people…..they will all come out today to pay their respects, not only being lucky enough to have known Dianne, but to her husband and to my friend Bev.  People go to CoL’s for those that are left behind.

New blinds!

New blinds!

I much prefer happy tears……those ones that just pop out when one of your grandkids says or does something, or when you go to weddings (I always cry at weddings…..even one I see on TV!!), or when you are just so happy about something that it has to overflow somewhere!

I actually came close to shedding a happy tear yesterday when my nice new blinds were finally installed!

There are also tears of frustration……they’re not really sad tears but pretty close.  I’m not really a crier or weepy person but frustration has had me close to tears a lot of times.

left it should look...sort of except for being a bit crooked!

left side….how it should look…sort of except for being a bit crooked!

Sometimes anger can cause tears too, but it depends on what you’re angry about….once I was sooooo angry with someone at work I just about cried, which made me even more angry…..but then it was at myself for letting this person get to me!!

right it SHOULDN'T look....and this is where it gets really crooked!

right side… it SHOULDN’T look….and this is where it gets really crooked!

Lately it’s been my carpet issues…..a little of both frustration AND anger….or maybe it’s all the same thing!!  Luckily HD seems to have come to a solution and I’ll have my new carpet by Wednesday!

Today will be tears of sadness.  Life is so short isn’t it……you really do have to make the best of every day……I remind myself of this all the time… of these days, it will sink in!



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