First Official Bear Siting Of the Year!

Last night around 10PM….

a big one!

a big one!

He was a big boy too!  The odd time we’ve had a bear around in the summer but it’s usually towards the end of September and into October that we get the regular visits.   Because it’s been so hot….and not to mention all the new home construction up the hill….their berry supply has ripened earlier than usual, or they’ve just dried up on the bushes, so the bears are probably having to get a little more adventurous to fill their tummies now.  This is one of the reasons that I’ll be happy to have my garage……nothing more exciting that pulling into your carport at midnight only to be greeted by a nice big black bear that’s just tried to get into your garbage!

New eco whatevers mean that we can no longer put food waste in our garbage, it all now has to go in the “green bins”, which used to be for grass clippings and garden waste.   When bears first came on the seen around here a number of years ago, before the bin rules changed……and after having to clean up garbage strewn all over my backyard once or twice, we had this spiffy guard put on the grey/garbage bin.  It worked great.

grey garbage bin on the left with the easy to use bin on the right with the dumbest contraption ever!

grey garbage bin on the left with the easy to use locks… bin on the right with the dumbest contraption ever!

Then the bin rules changed and the city provided us with the stupidest bin guards ever…..the old ones just had clips that you unclipped when you needed to put stuff in….the new contraptions (should be conCRAPtions!!) are in three different pieces and the whole bloody thing has to be taken apart to put anything in the bin!!

This afternoon I’m off the Oncologist with my exSIL.  The appointment today is to discuss and set up the chemo treatment schedule.  She’s planned a vacation for the first week in September and doesn’t want to start anything until she back a couple weeks later.  I told her to not make any decision on that just yet until she knows what type of chemo they’re planning….if it’s oral she might be able to do both, the treatment and the vacation without any issues at all.  I hope all goes well and I just have to remember that I’m just there as support…..whatever she decides is her decision….not mine!

I’m spending the morning working on emptying out the shed.  Even though we got rid of all the garbage in there, there still seems to be a lot of bits and pieces of “stuff” that, to me at least, is or should still be garbage.  But since the brothers went through it all I have to assume that what’s left is of some value…..if nothing else, this is a good workout for my arms and the back of my legs.



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