Another Great Night With Friends

No pictures….totally forgot.  But dinner was good….really good.  Lots of great conversation and just a couple of bottles of good wine.

The weather was perfect, so we sat outside until almost midnight…..and luckily very few mosquitos!

After everyone had left and I’d done all the clean up, I went to get ready for bed and pulled the blind down in my room……literally pulled it down…..right off the thingies that hold it up!!  Why, or how, it decided that last night was the night it would finally come crashing down, I have no idea.  So there I am trying to get the damn thing back up…’s quite a big window and the blind is heavy….not an easy feat at that time of night!

Finally after what seemed like forever, my daughter, who was still here, heard all the cursing and swearing and crashing around and came to my rescue.  We did manage to get it back up but it looks like one of the bits that is attached to window frame is done.  I’m sure the same thing is going to happen sooner than later.  It went up just fine this morning but I’m not going to take any chances and will go and get a new one at some point today.  Probably HD, even though they are not my favorite people at the moment.

This will entail taking the old blind hardware off and putting up the new stuff…..which I think I’m capable of doing.

It just amazes me how these “things” pop up.  I don’t ever recall having a blind fall down when Ken was around, so why now?  Granted it’s old…..really old, but it was a great blind….one of those blackout kind and never gave me any grief so really had no need to ever replace it……until now!!

Oh well, another exciting day in the life………



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