Dinner Tonight!

It’s going to be “Greek”.  Ribs, chicken, grilled eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and salad.  Unfortunately we won’t be having Greek wine.  As much as I enjoyed it….everyday…..when we were there, it just doesn’t quite make it here.  Definitely not that retsina, which tastes like Lysol cleaner to me.  Not that I’m a wine connoisseur by any means, but……  I’ll try to remember to take pictures!

I really enjoy doing this and wondered for a long time whether I’d be able to do it again.  So far, I’m not having any problems at all.  That’s because I have very good friends that I feel very comfortable with, even as an “alone” person now.

The plan was to talk about next years “big” vacation, but B & D won’t be able to go, which is too bad.  I’m sure we’ll still talk about it…..maybe just trying to change their mind a little bit….R & G will be here too.

My house is relatively clean, which is also nice……just a quick once over with the vacuum and a bathroom wipe down.   I can spend the day prepping everything and having a bit of time to just sit and relax.

Had dinner last night with my kids…….just the three of us.  I don’t think we’d done that for years!   I had a really good time.

Yesterday was a really busy day…..sort of.  I was ready to head out the door at 10:30…..dressed and everything!  This has not been my norm of late…..I enjoy my mornings on the deck so I’m usually a little late getting going most days…..just because being retired, there really isn’t any schedule or timeline that needs to be followed, right?  My BIL called just as I was going to leave…..I put another pot of coffee on….he came by and we made all our phone calls to the city and the structural engineer.  The garage builder then phoned to give me an update on his schedule, then I spent 2+ hours on the phone with my friend R (who is coming for dinner tonight!).  Bev had called, while I was on the phone, so I called her back….just a quick chat.  I finally got out the door at 1:30 to get my groceries, which included a detour to Pier 1 to check out the sale on patio furniture….still nothing at least not at their sale prices!

I think it was a good day…….I like good days 🙂



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