Great Day!

It was!  Almost just like old times.

The brothers arrived around 3:30 and we broke out the gin and tonics and sat on the deck.  Yapped about the car show, showed them my “crooked” carpet and talked about the plans for the garage.

The SIL’s arrived about an hour later and out came the wine!

Maybe it was all the drinks, I don’t know but it was a really good afternoon and evening.  Lots of laughs, lots of chit chat about this, that and everything.

No one (one person in particular….) got on a tangent or philosophical about anything……

Dinner was good too….if I do say so myself!

I may have to do this more often…..I think they all chatted more in a few hours than the entire two weeks in Hawaii!

Today is grass seed day.  All that area that I cleaned out around the patio now needs some grass.  I probably should have just bought sod but I’ll try this first.  We used the “shady lawn” stuff once before and it turned out pretty good, so I’m hoping I have success with it this time too.   I’ll just have to remember to water it!

Home Depot will be coming out to have a look at my crooked carpet in the next day or so…..this is good because I have a recliner in my laundry room, a coffee table and end table and lamps in my entry way!

The new door for the family room had to be cut because of the carpet.  So my son helped me carry it outside and I managed to get it cut, using what I think was a skill saw.  I carefully measured, in 3 different places on the door, the 1/2 inch that had to come off.  Measure twice, cut once….right?

ah least it will be open most of the time so hopefully less noticeable.

ah sigh… least it will be open most of the time so hopefully less noticeable.

I even used the level to make sure the line I drew was straight!  Good eh?  Wrong….. It was a “used” door, which is OK, except whoever had cut the bloody thing before, cut it crooked!  So now, there is about a 1/4 inch of space at the front of the door and as you get closer to the wall/hinges, it’s about a 1/2 inch!  IF I ever have to do this again, I will make sure that I measure from the top of the door to the bottom as opposed to relying on the bottom being straight to start!  Live and learn…….or maybe I should just give up this reno business!



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