Late Nights

I think I’m getting old!  I can’t handle late, late nights anymore……ah sigh.

Got home from my brothers at 3AM! He not only made an absolutely delicious dinner, he also made us a snack of dim sums (ate those around 3PM) to start with while going through the pictures.  Then we had appies (around 6PM) of homemade….yes homemade….flatbread with prawns, brie etc.  Then dinner!!  I thought I was going to burst.

We finally got through all 2500+ pictures very late…..

Yesterday was a write off for me.  I got up late and then my son and grandbabes came over…..all I could do was sit and play with them….

When they left around 9, I poured myself a nice big glass of wine and was just about ready for bed around 10.

Today is the local BIG car show.  Ken and his brothers, and sometimes the SIL’s and I, would go every year.  There are hundreds and hundreds of cars……they shut down just about all of our downtown area.  Lots of various kiosks selling car stuff and food trucks etc.  It takes hours to walk around and see it all.  The brothers are going today.  I was going to go with them but I don’t think I will.  For many years, we’d all go then come back to our house for dinner.  If the girls weren’t going, they’d come later in the afternoon.  That’s what will happen today.

definitely not!

definitely not!

The boys are going and the girls will come later…..we’ll just sit and have a glass of wine or two until they’re back.  It’s kind of like before but without Ken……it’s one of those things that I think is good to keep up….especially for the brothers.  They just seem to distant now, which was so obvious when we were in Hawaii.  I can’t really change that but at least something like this gets them together…..gets all of us together.  It’s just not like it used to be and nothing will change that.



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