Busy Day Today

It’s after 10:30 and I’m still not dressed!  My phone has rang all morning……not a bad thing….so that’s all I’ve done so far.

My carpet was installed yesterday….good?   No, because it has a bit of a pattern to it and they installed the damn thing crooked!!  How is that even possible……so now waiting for Home Depot to get back to me.  So much for finally getting that room organized!

I’m off to a moving out sale at Bowring http://www.bowring.com/  I need more stuff like this like I need a hole in the head but there might just be something there I really, really need….right?

Then off to my brothers for picture day…..all 2000+ of my Middle East trip.  He loves looking at pictures, which is a good thing because there are A LOT of them.  He didn’t even want my condensed version…..I may put it on slideshow and take a nap!

Yesterday, with the help of my two older grandkids, I managed to get the mess beside the new patio all dug out and ready for some grass seed.  That I’ll get working on tomorrow…..unless it rains.

I need to start moving stuff out of the shed too, which I was going to start this morning but as usual I’ve found something else to do instead.  I’ll have to find some place in the house for all the tools……hmmmm maybe I need to clean out the storage area under the stairs…..

Or maybe tomorrow I’ll have a do nothing day……..

Sometimes I think it’s just too much for one person to do all this but then I’m my worst enemy aren’t I!   I really must work on this…….



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