Oh Happy Day!

The carpet installers are here and hard at work!  They were an hour early but I’m not going to complain.

And the best news……my variance application was approved!  Hooray!!  My garage is a go ahead.

Now more work begins……finding a place to store the old Mustang for a month or two and getting rid of the existing shed.  At least all the junk has been cleaned out of it, so it’s just a matter of moving the shelving, lawnmower etc. on to my NEW patio under the deck and getting all the tools, and things of value, moved into the house….somewhere!  And then of course actually getting rid of the shed itself.  My DIL tells me that if we put it on craigslist someone will come and haul it away for free.  There really isn’t anything wrong with it, so definitely can be used by someone.  It’s a Sunbury Cedar shed and cost a lot of money way back when…..someone will get a deal if they can use it.  If not, there will be another trip or two to the dump in my future!

We still need our plans approved for the building permit but my BIL assures me that the changes are just minor details so I’m hoping that gets the OK in the next couple of weeks.   I’m only a month behind schedule on this but it is what it is and the main thing is that it’s going to get done!

Things are slowly coming together…..just waiting for the blinds for the family room now.  They should be in this week or early next week.

I’m going to celebrate tonight!



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