Final is just that isn’t it!

Final is the end of something… can be a good thing or a bad thing…..or I guess a combination of both.

“Final” this and that of our spouses things is like chipping away at those little bits of things that we hang on too…….some I’m not sure why!  It doesn’t change what is and even though, these bits and pieces of his life are finalized, it doesn’t erase the memories.  It’s kind of like apples and oranges in that way……things versus thoughts/memories.  You can get rid of one but never the other, which is a good thing!

One combination good/bad thing, at least to me, is getting Ken’s final, or last……forever……tax return done.  It was something that had to be done of course, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  Today is the “final” appointment with the tax lady.  This is not even really the “final” step though……once the tax is done and processed, then there is the “estate” account to be closed.  That is a bad final too….that account was never supposed to be an estate account.  That was Ken’s “mustang account”.  He’d put a few bucks in there every now and again and usually whatever he got back each year from his income tax would go in there too.  It was going to be his “fun” money to go towards getting the old car fixed up….when he retired.  The car was in running order but the original body work that he’d done had seen better days.  Some he was going to do himself but “this time” he was going to get it done right, so it would last…..forever!  I did think about putting the estate money towards the car, but truthfully, that just isn’t a priority for me.  And it is all about ME now, isn’t it.

Someday, when or if, the kids have enough money, they can deal with the car.  In the meantime I’ll continue to store it (hopefully in my new garage!) until they decide what they want to do with it.  It’s kind of like that recliner….although it’s not that I don’t like the Mustang, because I do, but it’s not terribly practical to drive, it will cost a bundle to restore etc… just one of those things that meant a lot to Ken and getting rid of it would be a hard thing to do.

The good part about getting close to finalizing the estate account, because you always have to be able to find something good…..make lemonade out of lemons and all that……..I will use that money to refurnish the family room and put the rest towards my garage (if I get the variance approval!) instead of taking it from my reno account…..I do see the kitchen getting finished, finally, one day soon(ish).

Finding the positive side of things isn’t always that easy… may really have to use your imagination to make this work… grievors (sp??) can be pretty creative with our thoughts though……a necessity to get us through that first year or two…..or three…..

the corner finally cleaned out.....

the corner finally cleaned out…..

Some “final” things are just plain old good though.  I finally got all those damn fern roots out.  Quite an accomplishment and I have the achy shoulders to prove it!  I’ll pick up some gravel and some pavers to fill in that corner so I can use the tap that is there!  If the good weather continues, I figure I can get a couple of feet a day cleaned up around the patio and get some sod put down before it starts to rain and I have a mud bath.

I finally have all the last bits and pieces of the trip to Mexico in September “finalized”…..this is good.

I’m finally getting rid of that old leather couch in the family room…..I was going to take it to the dump myself but besides weighing a ton, it’s too long for the pickup….I’d have to figure out how to bungee cord it in and flag it….all that stuff, so for pretty much what it would cost to dispose of it, I’m getting someone in tomorrow to haul it away.  If I’d been a little more efficient with using my time, I’d have finished cleaning out the old, old wall unit and they could have taken that too…..but I didn’t so that’s another chore for another day.



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