Airport Fun

our last plane of the day.....Icelandic Air.

our last plane of the day…..Icelandic Air.

Great day at the airport!

The weather was perfect…..not too hot, a bit of wind and lots of sun.  My brother has an app on his phone that he hooks up to the car radio….or something techie like that…..we could hear the pilots talking to the control tower so we knew which plane it was coming in.  That and the list that we’d printed out worked pretty good.  There was pretty well a plane a minute, either landing or taking off, on the runway we were at.  We were there for over 4 hours.  The little kids….and my SIL (lol) ….did really good too.  That was a long time for them but they kept themselves busy running around and eating.  They were quite taken with the planes, at least the first 5 or 6!

Today I have four things on my list… of which I just crossed off.  Not because it was done, but because it started to rain….which was not in the forecast!  Those damn fern roots!  They did not miraculously disappear yesterday, so more of my muscle will be put to the test getting them out BUT I’m not doing it in the rain…’s just drizzling……enough to not get me out there….it’s supposed to stop later.  A little rain would not have stopped Ken!  He would have preferred to do stuff like this on cooler, cloudy days…..but he would have been on his own!

I also have to find his will!  I know I have it… was obviously needed to do all the stuff after he died.  But just exactly where I’ve put it is beyond me.  I’ve looked in the folder where it should have been put back, I’ve looked in the file that I have from the funeral home….not there, I’ve gone through a box of papers and sympathy cards….not their either!  Another one of those things that makes me shake my head and wonder what I was thinking when I put it wherever……ah sigh.  I need it for income tax purposes……and I’m meeting the tax lady tomorrow.  It’s here somewhere!!

Paying bills…..I really hate this job.  Who doesn’t!  It’s not like I’ve got a lot of bills either…..all the regular stuff… (home and cell) gas, hydro.  It only takes a few minutes but it’s always the one thing that I leave until the very last possible day to do.  It’s one thing that hasn’t changed since Ken died……..same bills, same amounts.

The only other thing is to do some housework……Monday was always laundry day so I’ll get some of that thrown in too.  Only being ME, I often don’t have enough to make full loads of whites or colours….towels are NOT a problem, I don’t know how I manage to go through that many… I tend to put it off for another few days, or even a week, until I need something that’s in the basket.



2 thoughts on “Airport Fun

  1. Enjoy the rain! It will make the ground softer so those $%@( fern roots are easier to pull out.
    When (not if, but when) you find Ken’s will, I suggest that you scan it (and the Certificate of Death) and save it. That way, it is easy to send to places that need a copy. It seems that everyone wants that first page – the one that names you as executrix.
    On one hand, I am looking forward, as I’m sure you are, to having all the paperwork completed. On the other hand, when it’s all done, I’m afraid it’s just going to feel like even more of him has “disappeared”. Does this make sense? Of course, we all know that not much of this whole loss/grief thing makes sense!

    • Good idea Bonny! I’ll be glad to get this last bit of paper work all done but you are so right! Yes, it makes a lot of sense….it’s the end of yet another chapter in our new life isn’t it. I think that’s why it was one of the things that I kept finding excuses not to do…..another little piece of him gone.

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