Throwback Thursday

2004….we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.
It was a fun night at a restaurant with lots of family and friends. As usual, Ken had a nice little surprise for me. A new little pocket sized camera just for ME…..he usually was the camera guy…..and tickets for a trip to the Grand Canyon that he’d secretly been planning for a number of weeks.

It was somewhere that we’d always wanted to go and thought we’d do a road trip there one day…..but we just never seemed to have the time leftover from our other holidays.

We flew into Las Vegas. Spent two nights there, which for me was more than enough, rented a car and headed to the Canyon for the a week.

I loved it! The best sunsets in the world are there…..even better than ocean sunsets. The colours are amazing and the quiet, except for the odd bird, is incredible.

We hiked everyday coming very close to the edge of oblivion on some of the trails. I hate heights but somehow just because of the sheer size of the canyon and expanse of it you don’t, or can’t, comprehend that there is drop of a couple thousand feet just a foot or so away!

Ken wanted to do the helicopter trip……I wasn’t sure I could manage that! I’d finally, after a couple of days, worked up the courage to say “lets go for it”. Off we went to make the arrangements only to find out that they couldn’t fly that day because of some wind trough thing that was happening…..I was almost devastated because I wasn’t sure that I’d work up to another brave moment! Unfortunately for Ken, I don’t say us, because I was secretly quite happy, this wind issue continued for the rest of the week and the helicopter was a bust.

I miss these kinds of surprises. Ken was a surprise type guy……he liked doing things like this. Not all surprises were big like this trip…just little things that he knew I’d like. We didn’t buy each other a lot of stuff…..we’d usually just buy what we wanted or needed whenever. The surprises weren’t always on special days either….if he seen something that he thought I’d like, he’d pick it up.

Clothes weren’t a good thing to buy for me. You would think that after being married for so long that he’d know the right size or colour or style of something. Unfortunately more often than not, it was a miss when it came to blouses, sweaters (except cardigans….he did good with those!), pants, nighties etc. He never minded when I took stuff back because it didn’t fit…..that made sense of course, but when I didn’t like something, I think he was a little hurt because he thought it looked good. But if I wasn’t comfortable in it, then it wasn’t going to get worn and seemed like a waste of money.

One year, many years ago, I decided that I’d help him a bit with the clothes shopping for Christmas. I had been shopping and found a couple of things that I really liked….I put the items on “layaway” with the minimal payment amount that you had to put down. I brought the layaway stubs home and gave them to him….I thought it was brilliant! I not only liked these things but they fit too! He was sooooo mad (one of the few times)……he went to the mall the next day and picked them all up….brought them home and said if I wanted something I should have just bought it then and there…..ah sigh. He didn’t get it….or maybe he did…..I think that may have been the year that he bought me a gift certificate for one of my favorite shops for Christmas!

He was definitely a “giver” and if it could be a surprise, it was all the better!



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