I’ve “Shed” A Lot

the shed "before"

the shed “before”

There was just an incredible amount of stuff in that shed! There was enough junk to fill the back of the pickup for a run to the dump. The brothers were here from 10AM until almost 5PM!

Old shelving, plastic shelving, paint….not one weed eater but three! Two of which were broken. The old power washer was in there too….some spring thing went on that about 5 years ago and we couldn’t get the part for it…so we just bought a new one. Why we kept the old one, I have no idea. There are 3 or 4 old toolboxes that were his Dad’s! A lot of the stuff was rusted beyond “unrusting”. Dryer venting…..just in case we needed more, I guess.

Ken’s shed was pretty organized BEFORE. Over the last 4 or 5 years, when he hadn’t used it too much, stuff had just been put in helter skelter as opposed to someplace that it belonged. This last year has even been worse….I just put stuff in there….out of sight, out of mind.

It made me sad to see it that way. Ken had put in a nice little workbench and rigged up the electricity from the house. He spent a lot of time out there fixing and making things and just generally puttering around. Going through everything would have been one of his retirement jobs…..he liked it out in his shed!

the shed "after"

the shed “after”

It’s cleaned out now….everything put in it’s place, so when we have to get rid of it to make room for the garage, it’ll be easy to just take the stuff out and store in the house or under the deck until it’s all ready to find a new spot in the new garage. There is still lots to go through….just how many screws and nails does one need? I have thousands! Maybe I’ll sort through them one day. Or more likely, if (will find out next Thurs if I have variance approval to actually build it!) and when the garage gets built, they’ll find a place on shelf in there.

I’m going to visit my ex-SIL today. She’s still in hospital and they’ll likely keep her there until the radiation treatments are finished. They will transport her to the cancer agency daily, for two weeks, for the treatments, which is a good thing. She has also decided to stay with the Onc at the hospital instead of being transferred to an Onc at the cancer agency…..her choice of course, but I think she’s kind of thrown in the towel, which is too bad. She does not want to read any of the test reports, so still doesn’t really know the extent of her disease. She also doesn’t know about chemo…..she wants quality of life as opposed to quantity….fair enough! To me, a decision like this should be made when you have all the facts, not just the tidbits given by a rather arrogant Dr. I’m not sure she even listens when they talk….she never has any questions. But at the end of the day, IT IS HER DECISION! I need to remember that!

With the shed task done, I can get back to the family room. Today I’ll order my carpet and get the paint for the walls and the door frames…..this will keep me busy most of the weekend. The carpet will take a week or two, so lots of time to get that painting done…..hah!

helping Craig with his suspenders......

helping Craig with his suspenders……

Today is our son and DIL’s 10th wedding anniversary. Had the party last weekend, which was fun. It’s hard to believe that 10 years has gone by so quickly. I have three absolutely adorable grandchildren that I love to bits….life is good!



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