Throwback Thursday

Ken in the white tee shirt....

Ken in the white tee shirt….

Ten years ago in November we went to Mexico with Ken’s brother, his wife and our nieces. They hadn’t been to the Mayan Riviera before and it had been a few years since we’d been.

It was a fun trip, especially for the girls, who were all in their early to mid twenties at the time. Lots of shopping, lots of drinking, lots of swimming and snorkeling. At all inclusives they have a lot of fun pool games in the afternoons…..I think we ALL participated in most of them. That wasn’t something I would usually do…..I like to sit and laugh while watching it all go on….but I did have a good time.

We headed over to Cozumel one day using a day pass from our resort for the sister one over there. I think there were at least 6 cruise ships in that day, so the little town was incredibly crowded. We were glad to head out to the resort to spend the afternoon on the their beach.

One other day we all headed into Playa Del Carmen to shop. I’m not a big shopper in Mexico, so Ken and I went off to find one of the great little beach bars to sit in the sand and relax with a cerveza or two while everyone else went off looking for treasures. They joined us after they’d finished their shopping.

I think we were lucky enough, from around 1999, to be able to do at least one trip a year to Mexico….either Pacific or Caribbean side….usually for just one week but there were a couple of two week trips. Sometimes it was in the spring to get over the winter blahs and other times it was the in the fall just because!

two for one!

two for one!

The one week ones were meant to be quick, relaxing getaways, but of course never really were. I think we were more tired when we got home than we were before we left…..but the main thing was we weren’t AT WORK! The two week vacations there were definitely more relaxing…..we’d plan a couple of excursions, snorkeling trips or trips into the closest town but then had all those other days to do nothing but sit and read, sleep, swim and of course have a drink or two.

lunch at Senor Frogs with friends and family!

lunch at Senor Frogs with friends and family!

We did manage one last trip to Mexico in 2013. I have no idea where the pictures from that trip went! How sad is that… was Ken’s last real holiday away. He did OK but struggled a bit with all the walking required just to get to the pool. I was more worried about him slipping and falling on the wet pool deck. He enjoyed being in the pool and just lounging under the palapas. We ate outside most of the time because inside the food smells were a little overwhelming at times. It was the beach that was a big disappointment for him……he loved the beach, going in the water and pummelled by the waves but that just wasn’t possible on this trip. Walking down to the water, through the sand, with a cane was too much of a challenge for him. We did spend a couple of afternoons on lounge chairs down there but it wasn’t the same and I know he missed what it used to be.

We were lucky…..very lucky…to be able to do trips like this and I know we enjoyed every single one of them. We never went alone….always with family or friends…sometimes both, so we were always in good company.



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